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Sunday brunch at cosy Kampong Glam cafe, Maison Ikkoku


Kampong Glam is a very interesting part of Singapore. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in our country. It is in this neighbourhood that you can find one of our most iconic historical buildings – the Sultan Mosque. Do note that now is not a good time go to admire the gigantic golden dome as it is undergoing renovations – but to help you visualise it, here is a picture we took some time back.

Kampong Glam

As new businesses set up to replace the old ones, the place is now in a state of transition so you have a choice of browsing the old shops (eg the textile and handicraft shops along Arab Street) and also feel the excitement of discovering new retail and food outlets (eg the restaurants along Bussorah Street).  We headed down to the area on a Sunday to see what was there to eat.

It seemed that quite a few of the eateries at Kampong Glam do not open early on Sundays. There were some nasi padang places that were open including the famous Kampong Glam cafe, but we needed some air conditioning as it was really hot. As we walked around the narrow streets and back alleys, we came across this small cosy cafe that was bustling with activity. The approval was instant and unanimous. We decided to have our Sunday brunch at this cosy Kampong Glam cafe, Maison Ikkoku.




Maison Ikkoku is decorated in the usual industrial-retro hip cafe look. Exposed brick walls, old furniture and bare bulbs are commonly used for this kind of look and this cafe at Kampong Glam is no exception, although it should be said that they have pulled off the look quite well. It looks coherent and authentic in this old shop house.

For the weekend brunch, they serve the usual egg-based dishes. Here are a couple of pages from their menu.




The Rendang Blackstone ($20) was the best dish of the day. The dish is typical breakfast food i.e. poached eggs, tomato and melted cheese on toasted brioche except that it has the secret ingredient of spicy beef rendang thrown in. The unusual combination of tastes was very successful. The portion is big, almost like having two small burgers on the plate.  It is worth making a trip to Kandahar Street just for this.




The Croque Madam ($16) and Hangover Omelette ($16) were both  well-made dishes which we are happy to have any day. But they were not exceptional. You can find similar items at other places.


The French Toast ($15) was a lighter alternative to those who prefer a lighter brunch item. It is quite sweet (more like a dessert kind of taste) and will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.




Maison Ikkoku are also coffee roasters and are proud of the coffee they roast and serve.  We had a few types of coffee and I can’t recall what they were exactly.  But we do remember the taste was rich and the aroma was comforting to inhale. The next time we are here for brunch, we know exactly what to go for – a strong cup of coffee and the Rendang Blackstone and perhaps try their interesting desserts which we did not have room for on that day.


Interesting guava and lemongrass drink


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating ; 3 TOPs
3 Tops



Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198885

Tel: +65 6294 0078

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday | 9am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday | 9am – 11pm
Sunday | 9am – 7pm


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