Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen at Infinite Studios, Buona Vista

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Slowly but surely, the Buona Vista area is becoming a foodie’s paradise. Mega buildings are sprouting out of the ground like mushrooms such as the Biopolis, Metropolis, Fusionpolis and Mediapolis clusters. The Media Corp building is also in the area. It is presently under construction and is expected to be completed soon. What happens when you bring together bright, talented people (and their high disposable incomes)? Good food and great restaurants of course.

Other than Star Vista which we are familiar with and which is a dining destination by itself (see our Star Vista TOP list of restaurants here), we have only started exploring this area and so far the discoveries have been encouraging. This time we stopped by at the Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen at the Infinite Studios building which is a part of the Mediapolis cluster at Buona Vista.

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Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen is on the ground floor of the building with three other cafes and restaurants. It was the most vibrant of the lot and certainly looks the most interesting. The restaurant is simple but tastefully decorated with bits of retro memorabilia thrown in to make the decor interesting. The customers were young and so were the serving staff who were also eager and enthusiastic, which added to the vibrant mood of the place. Some magazines are available for browsing but nothing which was of interest to us. Hoopla’s menu contains the usual cafe staples such as all day breakfast, waffles and pasta items. Here are pages from Hoopla’s menu.

Hoopla Cafe Infinite Studio A1

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We ordered a waffle ($6) with almond and banana toppings( $1+$2) and a chilli clam pasta ($17).

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The waffle was quite small, but well made and comes with maple drizzle and cinnamon crumble that adds some sweetness to the waffle . The banana topping was generous but the almonds were few and so finely sliced that thy presence was hardly felt. The overall taste may not be as rich as some you may find elsewhere but  is appealing for its simplicity and also the price.

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The chiili crab pasta was spaghetti in a chilli crab sauce with clams. Full marks for creativity and innovation but we would have preferred the sauce to be less sweet and more spicy. Ideally they should provide for the level of spiciness to be customised as this is really a matter of personal preference. Other than that, the sauce was good with pleasant tones of lemongrass. The clams add interest but were insufficient in number to contribute significantly to the overall taste of the dish.

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Our experience at Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen was positive overall. The portions are small, but nowadays as long as the quality is good and prices are commensurate, we don’t necessary take as a negative (on the contrary our waistlines are grateful). We should also mention that they serve very good coffee although with rising standards of coffee in Singapore, that is almost a given these days.

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Ratings :
Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen
#01-05 Infinite Studio
21 Media Circle
Singapore 138562

Tel:6778 0051

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri:
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat – Sun:
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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