Angelina at Capitol Piazza (Outlet Closed)


If you think that we are trying to be arty by posting our photos of our lunch at Angelina, Capitol Piazza in black and white, you are only partially correct. The real reason is to express our ‘black’ mood after waiting for 45 minutes before the first dish was served. Fortunately, we had good company and so the 45 minutes did not seem that long. Our black mood was not of anger, more of incredulity – sort of like Rui En’s alleged “black face” during Star Awards. To be fair, we knew that rushing in to try newly opened restaurants is foolhardy, but the 45 minute wait at Angelina Capitol when the restaurant was less than half full was unbelievable.





As you may probably know,  Angelina is a famous French tearoom, founded in 1903. It is the latest food outlet to open at the new shopping mall, Capitol Piazza which is part of the Capitol Singapore development that includes the re-opened Capitol Theatre. There are two separate entrances to the restaurant and the patisserie shop sections of Angelina Singapore. The patisserie shop looks very elegant and polished – you feel like you have been transported into a posh part of Paris when you enter. The restaurant area is decorated with French accents but, for some reason, lacks the beauty and sparkle of the retail area. The space is quite small and so are the tables – very much like a cosy cafe in Paris.


We had half-expected the menu of Angelina Singapore to be mainly items from their patisserie but were pleasantly surprised to see that they had quite a range of hot food items from which we ordered a random selection. In the course of writing this post we browsed their French menu and found that their items had similar pricing to that in Singapore, but in Euros!



The Beef Fillet ($35) was served with pepper sauce and gratin dauphinois (sliced potato baked with cream and herbs). The beef was tender and the gratin was full of flavours. We would recommend this dish. In fact the gratin with its complexity of taste drew more praises than the meat.


We tried a couple of dishes with the “Angelina” name. The Angelina Omelette ($18) received the weight-watcher’s award. It was small and looked so lonely on the plate. It was quite ordinary.



In contrast, the Angelina Sandwich ($22) gets the value for money award. It is like a huge club sandwich which is enough to feed two to three people. The taste was good and we like the fluffy bread that was lightly toasted.

You may have realised that we have started inserting the colour photos instead of black and white ones. It is because the remaining photos look much better in colour and it would be too petty to allow a mere 45 minute wait to spoil our beautifully taken pictures.


Our last savoury dish was the Roasted Chicken Supreme ($23). This was a roasted chicken fillet enhanced with carrot puree and some vegetables. The chicken was tender with a thin layer of crispiness on the outside.  It is really the most sensible dish of the day. It is tasty and not too heavy, leaving you room for Angelina’s famous dessert items.


Being aware of the long wait we had to endure, the staff at Angelina was quite kind and served us some macaroons as a peace gesture. Thank you Angelina – all is forgiven.  We did not have any capacity left – the sandwich really took up all available tummy space. But still we could not leave without trying the lovely sweet stuff on display right?  We ordered two.







The Paris-New York pastry ($13) and the chocolate eclair ($10). They were very good desserts and had deep rich flavours. They brought our lunch at Angelina Capitol Singapore to a nice sweet end.



Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Angelina Singapore
Capitol Piazza #01-82
15 Stamford Road
Singapore 178906

Nearby Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah

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