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Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding (Renamed & Relocated)

Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding

I am sorry if you are reading this thinking that this post would be about recipes for pudding. There will be no recipe to share in this post and there will be nothing about pudding, not even mango pudding. Yummy Recipes is the odd name of a quaint restaurant located at the curiously named Kallang Pudding Road. 品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes is a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor of Crescent @ Kallang, a light industrial building at 47 Kallang Pudding Road off Aljunied Road. The restaurant does serve yummy food.

Yummy Recipes at Crescent @ Kallang
Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding

Crescent @ Kallang is a fairly nondescript industrial building. When I walked round the building I saw a wooden pavilion, plants in ornate pots, stone statutes and wooden outdoor furniture. I thought they belonged to a warehouse outlet for garden and outdoor decor. The place could be a set for a Chinese period drama. Only when I saw the signboard did I realise that I had arrived at the Yummy Recipes restaurant. The interior is also elaborately decorated to try to create the feel and atmosphere of an ancient Chinese eating house. They would have succeeded if they had found a way to hide the air-conditioner blowers and LCD screen.

Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding
品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes

We found out that Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding was owned by the same person who used to run Yummy Claypot in Joo Chiat. Thus, soup in large claypot is among their signature items. One of their most iconic menu items is the Double Boiled Pig Stomach Soup, where an entire chicken is stuffed into a pig stomach and cooked in a thick savoury soup.

We went there for lunch and ordered Pork Ribs ($16), Double Prosperity Baby Kailan ($12), XO Prawn Beancurd ($18) and Olive Vegetable Fried Rice ($12). The prices were definitely higher compared to the prices of Yummy Claypot in Joo Chiat (as far as we could remember). In addition to the prices stated in the menu, be aware of the usual Chinese restaurants add-ons, GST and service charge. Tea was charged at $2 per person and appetisers were $4.

Yummy Recipes Pork Ribs
Yummy Recipes Prawns with beancurd

The food was served quite promptly. The portions were quite large and probably meant to be shared by 3 or 4 persons. The pork ribs and prawns with beancurd were quite good. The pork was tender and tasty. We liked their Double Prosperity Baby Kailan, another of their signature dish. It was baby kailan cooked in two ways – half of the dish was kailan stir fried so that it was succulent but still a little crunchy, and the other half was finely julienned kailan deep-fried till it was really crispy. It was an interesting and enjoyable way to eat vegetables. The fried rice was also delectable. The salted black olives gave the fried rice an interesting flavour.

Yummy Recipes Kailan
Yummy Recipes Kailan
Yummy Recipes Olive Fried Rice

Yummy Recipes at Kallang Pudding is somewhat of an odd package. Its location is offbeat. Its interior decor is more upscale and opulent than you would expect of a restaurant in an industrial estate. Their prices are not low. Service standard needs to go up a few notches if they aspire to be considered a high-end Chinese restaurant.  They do offer a varied menu with a number of creative and unusual dishes and in general the food is quite yummy.

Yummy Recipes 品珍私房菜  新加坡

品珍私房菜 Yummy Recipes
47 Kallang Pudding Road
#01-08 Crescent @ Kallang
Singapore 349318

Yummy Palace
87 Defu Lane 10 Singapore 539219

Tel +65 6884688

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