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Lunch at Prime Society Restaurant, Dempsey Road (Closed)

Prime Society restaurant11

We recently had lunch at the Prime Society restaurant in Dempsey.  It is housed in a building on the eastern end the Dempsey dining cluster.  From a distance it looks like a location straight out of a Balinese resort.

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The Prime Society restaurant is known for its beef dishes and you are quickly reminded of this the moment you enter the restaurant. A glass-walled chiller containing various types of meats in the process of aging was situated right behind the reception.

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The inside of the Prime Society restaurant looks grander than the outside.  The chandeliers did a great job of adding a touch of bling and glamour to the otherwise quite plain space. The dark hardwood furniture, very high roof and the concrete floor of the restaurant somehow gave us an impression of a cathedral-like atmosphere.  Except that the temperature was far from cathedral-like. On a hot Singapore afternoon, the restaurant was warm. Floor standing fans were available to blow the air directly at us, improving the situation somewhat.

Prime Society restaurant01

The main attraction on the menu here at the Prime Society restaurant are its steaks which costs around $70 on average. On weekdays, there are three set lunch options available – two, three or four-course meals at $38, $48 and $58 respectively.  A diner opting for the three or four-course meal can also purchase a house wine at a 50% discount. We both decided on a two course lunch, selecting the grass-fed tenderloin as the main course and the truffle polenta and fried potato skins as starters.

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The first starter was truffle polenta, house cured wagyu bresaola and whipped parmesan.  According to my internet search, polenta is a type of porridge made from mushing up grains and bresaola is a type of air-dried beef.  This was certainly a classy porridge as it had well blended, complex tastes. Only the truffles taste was distinct, the parmesan and beef were so integrated into one harmonious taste.

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The prawn crackers, spiced prawns, cocktail sauce and apple salad,  was a more light-hearted starter. It certainly was more comprehensible and you know what you are eating without doing food research.  The apple, prawn and crunchy crackers were a good combination.

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The grass-fed tenderloin was cut up into small pieces. We were told that was the way they served it.  It was nicely browned on the outside so it was slightly crisp, creating a tasty crust.  It was a bit like beef char-siew.  We had asked for it to be cooked medium well. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps medium would have been better as it was quite dry, especially since it was tenderloin.  The fries were good.

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Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops

The Prime Society Restaurant

10 Dempsey Road, #01-20. Singapore 247700

Tel: 6474 7427

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