The G Spot

It is something that is known to some. seldom talked about and rarely seen. Today we will tell you about our encounter with the G Spot and why it turned out to be a disappointment. We also have some pictures of it to show you.

Our unplanned encounter with the G Spot happened after we attended one of the IT shows at Suntec City. We had parked out car at Millenia Walk so as to avoid the crowds.  On the way back, we decided to stop for coffee at Patisserie G, a cosy little patisserie and cafe at Millenia Walk for coffee.   It was a simply decorated cafe with Scandinavian style furniture.

G Spot1

The cafe is a semi-self service place where you place your order and pay at the counter.  While doing that, we decided to order something to snack on. We looked through the display case and there it was.  The G Spot!  We could understand why it was seldom seen.  The small little thing costs $9!   We had seen it before but have not tasted it. This time curiosity got the better of us and we were determined to try it.  To address our peckish appetite, we ordered a Croque Monsieur from their Gourmet Sandwiches menu. They also serve different versions of eggs. Here are random sections from their menu.

G Spot3

G Spot4

G Spot5

G Spot6

The Croque Monsieur would not win any prize in a beauty contest.  It was a plain-looking object but redeemed itself in terms of taste. The brioche had a good texture and tasted great with the half-melted cheese and ham.  This would make a nice and simple breakfast meal.

Anyway, I promised to show you pictures of the G Spot, so here they are. Small dark domes which are about the size of half a billiard ball.   Priced at $9 for such a dull looking object,  it better taste good.

G Spot2

G Spot7

I would have loved to tell you about how great the G Spot was and how despite its small size, it was fantastic etc.  But alas it was not the case. The little dome was simply a chocolate outer shell containing lots of chocolate mouse. The ‘chocolatey’ taste was not exceptional. It was not bad, but with a name like G Spot in a cafe named Patisserie G,  we were expecting more.  Here is a look at the insides.

G Spot8

G Spot9

The food and coffee at G Patisserie are simple,  unpretentious and delicious. But in the case of their G Spot, we think it is something not worth getting too excited about.

Patisserie G
Millenia Walk #01-40
Singapore 039596

Tel: +65 6338 7578

Nearby MRT Stations: Promenade

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  1. aw i’m sorry to hear that chocolate ball didn’t hit the g spot! hah looks like a real decent chocolate mousse that i won’t pay that much for!

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