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Infuzi Restaurant at Biopolis, Singapore (Closed)

Infuzi restaurant02

Infuzi Restaurant stood out among the other food outlets at the Biopolis complex in Buona Vista, SIngapore. Housed in a corner unit in the Chromos block, its double height glass walls made it look like a bright sparkling greenhouse.  It is the most attractive restaurant in the vicinity, but we hesitated before going in because it was empty at lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon.  Where are the other people? Do they know something that we don’t?

Infuzi restaurant06

Biopolis is like a ghost town on weekends. The restaurants seem to rely mainly on the weekday office crowds. Some restaurants were closed on weekends. Those that were open had only a few customers but it was surprising to see a beautifully set up eatery like the Infuzi Restaurant being completely empty. We wondered if it was because it was all looks and no substance. We threw caution to the wind and went in anyway.  It turned out to be the best dining decision we have made in a while.

Infuzi restaurant08It is hard to describe the decor of the Infuzi Restaurant. At first glance, the white tables fully clothed with napkins and glassware made it look like a formal restaurant. But on closer examination, the tables have plastic table tops and the napkins are disposable ones. A smart way of achieving the formal look without the expense of real table linen. Even the good-looking chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling were made of wine bottles. Very innovative indeed.

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Infuzi restaurant serves modern European cuisine. You can have a sense of what they serve by looking at the brunch menu above. We opted for the Croque Madame ($22) and a Pot-au-Feu of Chicken ($25).

Infuzi restaurant07Amuse bouche

Infuzi restaurant09

The Pot-au-Feu of Chicken looked like a stew of chicken with a variety of vegetables such as carrots, leek and celery. It was a simple, classic French dish.  Looks healthy and wholesome as well! The tastes of the ingredients somehow combine to form a pleasant composite taste which was light yet satisfying. The chicken meat was a bit dry after all the stewing but they taste great with a dash of the Dijon mustard painted on the side of the plate.

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Why so many pictures of the Croque Madame? It is because we think this is the best Croque Madame in Singapore and it deserves the limelight. The constituents of the croque madame at Infuzi Restaurant are no different from others. But each component of this one is so well made that the whole thing was a few notches better that those we have tasted before.

Infuzi restaurant12


The sourdough bread was light and so well toasted that the crispness lasted till it was all eaten up. The two eggs were perfectly cooked so that the yolk slowly oozes out when cut. Two types of cheese – Emmental and Comte were used to add depth to the flavours. The mesclun salad was made up of small green leaves which were easy to handle and eat, unlike many places which serve their salad in big leaves that you eat while trying to not look like cattle grazing.  We should add that the portion was huge, maybe enough to be shared by two people with small appetites.

We were quite pleased with our discovery of the Infuzi restaurant at Biopolis.  Good food, pleasant ambience, attentive service and no crowds add up to a highly recommended restaurant that we will surely visit again.

Infuzi restaurant04

Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs

5 Tops


Infuzi Restaurant
10 Biopolis Road
Chromos block #01-01
Singapore 138670

Tel: 6478 9091


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