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Keith Crackling Roast at 112 Katong (Closed)

Keith Crackling Roast at I12 Katong

The Ultimate Crackling Roast – that is the tagline of Keith Crackling Roast. Your expectations go up a few notches when you see a tagline like that. We were thus thrilled to learn that Keith Crackling Roast had opened up a store in 112 Katong. We tried their combo plate of crackling roast and honey roast and we must say that we were a bit disappointed. The roasts were good but not exceptional and hardly the best you can get.

Keith Crackling Roast at 112 Katong

Keith Crackling Roast is in the basement of 112 Katong. The spacious basement central concourse has been carved up for food outlets. Keith Crackling Roast occupies a section which can accommodate about 20 dine-in patrons. It is very open and is not a place for a discreet date. Having a meal there is like eating in a food hall or fast food restaurant.

What it has to offer is displayed at the counter in front. There are the crackling roast and honey roast and sides of rice and potatoes. You order and pay at the counter. We ordered a combo plate ($18) to share. The combo gives you both types of roast and 2 sides.

Keith Crackling Roast Menu

Keith Crackling Roast

Keith Crackling Roast

The food is served on disposal plates and you help yourself to sauces and disposal utensils placed at the counter. Our combo plate looked rather uninteresting. There was a generous portion of lemongrass rice but the ball of garlic mashed potato was rather small. Some effort was put into plate decoration with the arrangement of the cucumber slices but on the whole the plate looked rather plain and a bit messy. It reminded us of char siew rice from a hawkers’ centre.

Keith Crackling Roast

The crackling, which was the skin that sat above the layer of fat and meat of the roast pork, was crispy and tasty. The meat was well seasoned and succulent. The honey roast was also quite enjoyable. It was succulent and moist and made even sweeter by a generous drizzle of a sweet sauce.

So was it “the ultimate crackling roast”? With raised expectations, it was a let down. Both types of roast were good but definitely not the best we have encountered. Ultimately, we are talking about sio bak (roast pork belly) and char siew (sweet BBQ pork). We think the roast pork and char siew of Jiu Jiang Shao La 九江烧腊 would rank ahead of Keith’s. There are also many other places where you can get good roast pork and char siew at lower prices.

Keith Crackling Roast

What do we think of Keith Crackling Roast? Great branding and marketing; good food; average value; below average service and ambience. Perhaps we went there when the service staff was having a bad day, or perhaps it was a case of hiccups of a newly opened outlet. Whatever the reason, we felt that he experience we had in Keith Crackling Roast at 112 Katong was not much better than having a quick meal in a typical food court. We also conclude that calling sio bak the “ultimate crackling roast” does not make it taste better.

Food : 3
Service : 2
Value : 2
Atmosphere : 2
Overall Rating : 2 TOPs   2 Tpos

Keith Crackling Roast
B1-29 112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802


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2 thoughts on “Keith Crackling Roast at 112 Katong (Closed)”

  1. Do you guys know how to appreciate good things in this life apart from criticising other peoples businesses?
    People like you reflects bad impression to other countries – too unfriendly.Such a shame.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      We did not set out to criticise and we did say that both types of roast we tried were good. Just as you have an opinion about what we have written, we have an opinion about our dining experience. We appreciate that some will disagree with our opinion – but our opinion is just that, an opinion.


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