Dinner at The Quarters, Icon Village (Closed)

The Quarters @ Tanjong Pagar

We have been to The Quarters for brunch when they were newly opened last year (see post Brunch @ The Quarters). We were recently in the vicinity of the Icon Village at Tanjong Pagar and decided to go to The Quarters again to try some of their other interesting fusion dishes and their famous Durian Can Boleh.

The Quarters @ Icon

The Quarters Menu

The menu is a simple one printed on a big sheet of paper that is rolled up. It is a good thing that you do not need too much time with the menu as it is quite unwieldy. They were only six mains to choose from, though we were told by chef owner Chung Deming that they offered different specials of the day for lunch.

We ordered the Umami Babi ($10.80), the Shiok Burger ($16) and the Durian Can Boleh ($7) for desserts. A flat white was $5. No GST or service charge was added to the bill.

You can help yourself to water from the water station. There are magazines for browsing while you wait for your food. We did not have to wait long. Our food was served within about 10 minutes.

Pulled Pork Sliders at The Quarters

Umami Babi at The Quarters

The Umami Babi was a trio of pulled pork sliders. They came nicely presented with the soya sauce pork slices served separately from 3 mini Chinese man tous (buns). The braised pork was tasty but we found it a trifle too salty.

The Shiok Burger was hamburger with handmade spiced pork patty. The taste of local spices was evident. We found the texture of the patty to be too soft for our liking. It felt to us like otak otak. The fries that came with the burger were very good.

Durian Can Boleh at The Quarters

The highlight of the meal was the dessert – the much raved about Durian Can Boleh. The wittily named dessert was served on a wooden tray that was carefully decorated. The durian dessert looked very inviting. There was a thin, crisp layer of smoky caramel. Under the crispy burnt sugar, was a creamy silky smooth custard which was  sweet and bitter. The taste of durian was clearly discernible but not overpowering. There was a nice balance of textures and flavours. One small serving was not enough. Do we order another portion of Durian Can Boleh or head out to eat fresh durians? For once, good sense prevailed and we called it a evening with a good cup of coffee.

Durian Can Boleh at The Quarters

The Quarters have done well in creating interesting unique dishes by incorporating Asian flavours into familiar Western food. We look forward to even more innovative creations from the friendly team at The Quarters. Once we have taken an inch or two off our waistlines, we will head back to The Quarters for more Durian Can Boleh and some of their other desserts.

Coffee at The Quarters, Icon Village

Food : 3
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops

The Quarters
Icon Village
16 Enggor Street #01-09
Singapore 079717

Tel : +65 6834 4174

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-10pm;
Sat 10am-10pm;
Sun 10am-6pm


Nearby Stations : Tanjong Pagar


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