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Westgate lunchtime car park rates update w.e.f. 1 Jul 2015

Westgate Car park redemption1

Until now, one of the attractions of Westgate shopping mall as a lunch destination was the weekday free parking during lunch time. We saw this notice regarding changes to the Westgate lunchtime car park rates. Looks like all good things do eventually come to an end.

Instead of the outright free parking, there is now a redemption procedure to get one hour’s parking on weekdays. You need to spend $30 and be the first 100 redeemer. Only 100 – for a car park that has a few hundred lots ! 🙁

Since many of our readers are Westgate visitors, we thought we should share this info with you.  Please refer to their website for updates.

Leave a comment. It will mean a great deal to us.

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