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Lunch at Supply and Demand restaurant, Orchard Gateway

supply and demand restaurant15

We had lunch recently at Supply and Demand restaurant,  an Italian trattoria located on the second floor of Orchard Gateway. From the outside, we can’t tell how the Supply side was doing. But judging from the steady stream of patrons into the restaurant it is obvious that the Demand was high.

supply and demand restaurant01

The Supply and Demand restaurant is very tastefully done up. The wooden panelling and furniture lend a warm, country feel to the place. The huge windows let in plenty of light and made taking photographs of the place quite challenging but in the end we decided that the high contrast silhouettes were not too bad.

supply and demand restaurant03

supply and demand restaurant04

supply and demand restaurant05Supply and Demand has the usual Italian staples on the menu, such as the pizzas and the pasta. What took us by surprise were the Asian and Asian-influenced items, such as satay and otak otak fingers.

At lunch time, there were two set lunch options – Italian and Asian, both priced at $16.90 each. We decided to try one from each set lunch menu.

supply and demand restaurant06

supply and demand restaurant09

The Italian lunch started with a selection of appetizers – some olives, cheese and salad with a bread roll and olive oil. It was an interesting platter to keep you occupied while waiting for the main course.

supply and demand restaurant08

The Asian starter was more interesting. The Indonesian rempeyek cracker was something we had not eaten in a while and was the perfect thing to nibble on to go with the Erdinger beer ($12 – happy hour price).  The other items in the wooden box were achar, some chopped salad and a spring roll. This was certainly more substantial than the Italian starter.

supply and demand restaurant12

For the Italian main course, we selected the “Carte Blanche Chicken” – leave it to the chef to prepare the chicken in the way he deems best. The dish looked interesting enough but it was let down by the taste.  It was an over-cooked chicken thigh. Dry and almost mushy. Even the tasty gravy could not rescue it.

supply and demand restaurant13

supply and demand restaurant14

For the Asian main course, we selected the Malaysian Sate Special. Four large sticks of satay and a fried egg over a bed of pilaf rice.  It reminded us of the nasi goreng served at some restaurants, except that the satay served here were much larger and had more juicy chucks of meat. The usual condiments – peanut sauce and onions were provided.  We enjoyed this dish.

supply and demand restaurant02

Supply & Demand Orchard

Supply & Demand Orchard

We know it is odd, but we preferred eating the Asian dishes at the Supply and Demand restaurant, an Italian eatery.  Perhaps it was the wrong choice of the main course. Next time, we will stick to the Italian classics and perhaps order the pizza.  We had a very good pizza at their related restaurant, the newly opened Equilibrium at Capitol Piazza. You can read our review here.

supply and demand restaurant07


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   3 Tops


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Supply and Demand Restaurant
#02-13/14 Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Tel: 6702 6218


Nearby MRT Stations : Somerset

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