Luxe Singapore Cafe at Keong Saik Road (Closed)


Another day, another new trendy cafe to check out in the cool neighbourhood of Keong Saik Road. Luxe Singapore is located in this brilliantly white row of shophouses along this infamous street. What is it that draws people to eat at new places?  Is it the  human nature to explore the unknown or just plain curiosity? Why not just stick to the tried and tested places where you are guaranteed of a decent meal instead of  risking your time and effort at new places? We don’t know. Like insects in the night attracted by a light on the verandah, we headed straight towards the bright white building and entered the premises of Luxe Singapore.






Other than the reception area, which was decorated in a retro Tiong Bahru flat living room look, the restaurant was simple and white, with a Scandinavian look. It could easily have been just another minimalist type of cafe if not for some interior design features such as the super long bar counter with techni-coloured bottles of booze on display and the unorthodox diagonally placed high table that blocks your way in and which nobody seems to want to be seated at unless there was no choice. The interesting bunches of fresh flowers did not go unnoticed.  So initial impressions were generally good.


Then the brunch menu came. The choices were limited and were the usual all day breakfast type of items. Since there were four of us, it did not take long to decide and we could cover more than half the menu in one visit. Our orders were taken quickly and efficiently by the friendly Luxe Singapore staff.


This was the eggs Benedict ($20). Two runny eggs on bread. We had expected more from the simple menu – i.e. offer less choices but make them special. But that was not the case. It was good eggs Benedict but not unlike those you can find in other places.



The same could be said of the Merryberry hotcakes ($18) and the scrambled eggs ($13) with extra mushrooms ($5).


The item that stood out was the chia seed pudding  ($11). The dish tasted distinctive and quite unlike the offerings at other brunch places. The chia seeds and banana flavour was a good combination. Feels healthy as well.

Here is the Luxe Singapore’s menu for lunch and dinner.




Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops


Luxe Singapore
1 Keong Saik Road #01-04
Singapore 089109


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