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Bodacious Cafe @ Biopolis: Looks good, tastes better!

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis09

Today we continue our exploration of the Biopolis area and we come across the Bodacious Cafe.  It is located on the ground floor of 70 Biopolis Street.  It is the second nicest looking restaurant in the area, after Infuzi.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis10

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis07

Like many of the food outlets at Biopolis, space is plentiful and the Bodacious cafe is bright and airy. It is decorated in a light industrial style and has a laid back atmosphere. The design features that catch your eye are the gigantic signboard and the whimsical unicycle bar stools.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis08

There are both outdoor and indoor seating. We can imagine that it will be quite pleasant to sit outside in the evenings, but on a hot Singapore afternoon, we preferred the cool comfort indoors.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis01

We were glad to see that the menu contained a mix of the familiar cafe food items like burgers and pasta and also some less common items. We ordered a couple of the latter.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis05

The Grandma Seafood Stew ($15.80) was a bowl of seafood broth with mussels, prawns and pieces of fish.  What made the dish was special was the spices and chickpeas blend of tastes which gave it a very mild Indian curry taste. The seafood was fresh but we wished that the prawns were de-shelled.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis04

The Greek Meaty Balls ($15.80) was an unusual breakfast dish.  The meatballs were served in a sizzling pan with thick tomato sauce topped with an egg.  A generous amount of Parmesan cheese was sprinkled over the whole thing. The melted cheese formed a nice crust on the dish but the unmelted portion emitted a rather strong smell. Those who are not keen on cheese might want to request them to hold back on the amount.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis06

The Greek Meaty Balls was a robust, hearty dish. The “Greek” element is probably reflected in the use of the herbs which gave the dish a distinctive Mediterranean taste.  We wiped the pan clean with the bread. Very good indeed.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis02

In addition to the food, we also had some nice drinks. The bottle of Hoegaarden beer was reasonably priced at $6. The Bodacious Signature Drink ($4.20) was the best cocktail or mocktail that we have tried in a long while. It was a successful concoction of fruits and other ingredients. We could identify orange, lemon, passion fruit and mint leaves, which were all mixed to form ia light, fragrant, zesty and fruity drink.

Bodacious Cafe at Night1


Bodacious Cafe after dark

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops

Chope Reservations

Bodacious Cafe
70 Biopolis Street #01-05
Singapore 138669

Tel: 6778 9585

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