Stirling Highway Cafe @ Ridgewood Close

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Residents living in the Mount Sinai area are fortunate to have a cluster of restaurants in their neighbourhood. Stirling Highway cafe is one of them. It is the first food outlet in a row of shops which are part of the Ridgewood condominium, but which are open and accessible to the public. Right next to it is the E-Sarn Thai restaurant which we had written about previously (read our review here).

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Stirling Highway Cafe is a very simply set up restaurant. Bare white walls, unadorned except for their signboard and a large chalkboard. Wooden tables and black chairs complete the picture.  Some seats were taken by students with laptops, presumably residents from the nearby condos here to enjoy the air-conditioning and the food. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff were all young and friendly.

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The Stirling Highway Cafe’s menu is quite a simple one – containing mainly the usual cafe fare such as all day breakfast, pizzas and pasta dishes. We ordered a eggs Benedict and a pasta aglio olio.

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We must admit that our expectations at Stirling Highway Cafe were not high. With its bare decor and laid back atmosphere, we had half-expected an office canteen standard of food. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the food looked and tasted better than expected.

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The Eggs Benedict ($13) looked no different from those you find at many recently opened hip cafes in town where all-day-breakfast is de rigueur these days. You get a choice of bacon or smoked salmon with the eggs. We opted for the bacon which added a nice burnt taste but made the dish quite oily. Next time we would try the smoked salmon.  It was a good tasting dish and, at $13, represented good value for money.

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The same can be said of the spaghetti aglio olio ($10) with mushrooms (+$2). It was very good, comparable to many cafes and even some Italian restaurants. This was the best $12 pasta dish we have tasted. The pasta was cooked just right and the mushrooms had deep rich flavours. Yum.

All in all it was a good experience at Stirling Highway Cafe. The only possible problem with getting here is the limited car park lots as the only parking option is street side parking where are about 12 lots available. We were here on a weekday and it was not a problem. This is quite a low profile place so most of the visitors are from the adjoining condominiums who have their own private parking. If you want to try a laid back, quiet place with reasonable pricing, we would highly recommend this cafe.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
4 tops

Stirling Highway
5 Ridgewood Close, Unit G1
Singapore 276696

Tel: 6464 9607

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 11am – 9pm, Closed on Tuesdays
Weekends: 9am – 9pm


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