Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong (Outlet Closed0

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong

The “$4 million roast meat” is now available in Tanjong Katong. By now, most Singaporeans would have known that the original stall owners of Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint located at Upper Paya Lebar sold their business (including tangible property of about $2.1 million) to the Aztech group for a total of $4 million late last year. Under the new corporate owners, 琪利珠江烧腊 Kay Lee Roast Meat has since opened branches in Suntec City and Ubi and Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong has just started operations.

Kay Lee Roast Meat 琪利珠江烧腊

Folks queuing at food stalls is a common sight along Tanjong Katong Road. There is always a long queue at Punggol Nasi Lemak. You will also find queues at Eng’s Noodles House and Nan Xiang Chicken Rice stall (see post TOP Cheap and Good Food in Tanjong Katong). It is thus not too surprising to see a queue at the newly opened Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong occupies a shop house and can accommodate about 50. The restaurant is tidy and functional. On the menu are roast duck, char siew and roast pork to go with noodles or rice. There are a few side dishes and soups. You place your order at the counter right in front of the shop, pay and wait for the food. It is the same queue for customers who want take-away as well as for dine in patrons. Expect to stand in line for a while.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong Menu

Kay Lee Roast Meat 琪利珠江烧腊

Kay Lee Katong

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong Roast Duck

We ordered a Roast Duck Noodle ($4.50), a Char Siew Roast Pork Combination with Rice ($6.50) and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce ($4.50). Ice lemon tea and Roselle tea were $1.50 a glass.

The vegetables were soft and scculent and we actually enjoyed them. The roast duck noodle was fine but we thought the duck was a bit tough and dry. It was saved by the good chilli sauce and plum sauce. The roast meat was also not particularly impressive. With a slight flavour of spices and salt, the sio bak was not bad but it would not be something to rave about. The honey glazed char siew was the outstanding item. The meat was well marinated and nicely roasted. It had a thick sweet coating and the meat was tender and yet had a good bite to it.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong Roast Pork and Char Siew

Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong Char Siew and Roast Pork

We would return and stand in line for their char siew rice. For duck and roast pork, we think they are good but then there also are quite a number of places where you can get better treats. Kay Lee Roast Meat is a great addition to the Tanjong Katong food street. It is another place to go to for a good affordable meal.

Kay Lee Roast Meat

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


Kay Lee Roast Meat Tanjong Katong 琪利珠江烧腊
283, Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437066O

Opening Hours : 10:00am – 10:00pm



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