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Mitzo Restaurant & Bar (Closed)


Mitzo Restaurant & Bar is what you get when you cross a Cantonese restaurant and an 80’s disco. It is part conservative Chinese restaurant,  part psychedelic dream.  All you can eat Chinese food buffet – check. All you can drink cocktail bar – check.  Live jelly fish aquarium – check. This is an amazing place.


We were looking for a place for coffee at the Grand Park Orchard Hotel and were directed to the Mitzo Restaurant & Bar. There is apparently no cafe or other casual dining place at the hotel so this predominantly Chinese restaurant doubles up as the place for coffee and drinks.  The entrance looked harmless enough.



There are areas which look totally like any mainstream Chinese restaurant which has mirrored ceilings.


Suddenly, once past the main dining area, there is the blue zone where you feel like you are underwater. Pure Magic! Behind the bar counter lies the aquarium where the jelly fish appear Suspended in Time. This bar counter holds the goodies when the cocktail buffet is in operation.




You can try your hand at mixology. The ingredients of cocktails are sorted out with some instructions. You can follow the instructions or make your own concoction. It was a beautiful place. We felt happier just by looking at the alcoholic stuff and without drinking a drop.



As you go further into the innards of Mitzo, there is another bar counter. This is where the serious booze is kept and where the energetic Italian bartender or mixologist is based.




Anyway, we were only there for drinks but we must say that even plain old drinks like water and coffee can be dressed up to look like a million bucks at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar.


Since everything was so beautiful, we thought we should not leave without eating something. So we scanned the menu for dessert and ordered a Dessert Trilogy ($16).


The Dessert Trilogy did not disappoint (visually at least). It was a very beautiful thing. Lalique should make a crystal sculpture out of this.  Only problem was that the bowl was large but the content was miniscule – three types of pudding in shot glasses. One was the common mango pudding, another seemed like aloe vera jelly and the third was an avocado milkshake. The good thing is that we won’t grow fat eating this type of desserts.


Ironically, this is one of our longest posts for an occasion where we ate the least.  In case you are tempted to visit Mitzo Restaurant & Bar, here are some pages from the menu so that you can read about the food that we did not eat.




The cocktail or mixology buffet that we had referred to is served at the weekend brunch (11.30 to 2.30 pm).  It costs $50 per person.  The food buffet on weekends costs $68.  A $28 set lunch is served on weekdays.

Another interesting thing about Mitzo Restaurant & Bar is their late hours. A limited supper menu is served till midnight (weekdays) or 1 am (weekends).


Level 4 Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857

Tel :  +65 6603 8855

Operating Hours
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Bar (Supper): 6.30pm to 12am last order
(Sun to Thurs)
6.30pm to 1am last order
(Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays)

Nearby Station : Somerset

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