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Toothsome Cafe – New Owner New Menu (Closed)

Toothsome Cafe

Toothsome Cafe at Tanjong Katong, which opened late last year, has changed hands. With the new owner, there is a new menu. We visited Toothsome Cafe when it first opened (see our post Toothsome Cafe at Tanjong Katong) and quite liked it. We think that with the recent changes, it has become better. There are still coffee and cakes but there is now a wider range of savoury mains.

Toothsome Cafe Tanjong Katong

Toothsome Cafe Menu

Toothsome Cafe under new management still looks about the same as there are only minor alterations in terms of the interior decor. Operating hours have been modified but the most significant changes are to the menu. There is more emphasis on artisan desserts and pastries and savoury waffles. Their new signature dish is the Spicy Laksa Pasta. In the evening, the cafe becomes a bar and beer and other alcoholic beverages are available. They are also in the business of custom made cakes for birthdays and other occasions.

Toothsome cafe Spicy Laksa Pasta

Toothsome cafe Big Breakfast

Toothsome Cafe Menu

Toothsome Cafe Menu

Toothsome Cakes

We visited the “new” Toothsome Cafe for coffee and desserts. The sea salt caramel rainbow cake looked really attractive. We settled on the Apple Cinnamon Waffles ($10). A long black was $3.50.

The Apple Cinnamon Waffles was nicely plated. A scoop of vanilla ice cream sat on top of the waffles and the ice cream was top with the hot apple cinnamon topping. The waffles with the topping had loads of flavour and the diced apples added a nice light crunch. It was a simple enjoyable dessert.

Toothsome Waffle

Toothsome Waffle

Toothsome Cafe is an unpretentious comfortable place that feels like a neighbourhood cafe. It is quite spacious. Free wifi is still available. Service is friendly. It is place you feel you can pop in at anytime and have a leisurely cup of coffee or have a simple meal. In Tanjong Katong, finding a parking space can be difficult. Thus, a surface car park across the road is also a big plus for Toothsome Cafe. There are several other nice cafes along Tanjong Katong Road but we have visited Toothsome Cafe a number of times already and are likely to go there again.

New Toothsome Cafe

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Toothsome Cafe
368 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437125

Tel: +65 9823 5048

Opening Hours
10.30 am to 10.30 pm
Wed – Closed

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