Bingsu at Bing Go Korean Dessert House (Moved)

(Update 2020 : Moved to 11 Unity St, 01-30/31, Singapore 237995)

Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House

Bing Go Korean Dessert House is a small dessert cafe located next to a Korean restaurant along Guillemard Road (where the Singapore Badminton Hall used to be). The specialty is bingsu in different flavours which come in huge bowls which even 2 persons may have difficulty finishing. They serve traditional bingsu as well as modern creations.

Bin Go Korean Dessert House

Bing Go Korean Dessert House occupies a part of the premises of Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant. The small cafe has a simple pleasant interior decor. Outdoor seating is also available. If you have dined at the Korean BBQ restaurant, you can get a 10% discount at the dessert cafe.

We have been enamoured with the Korean shaved ice dessert patbingsu (팥빙수) ever since we had our Seoul-good Desserts. We think that at Bing Go we have found  authentic bingsu as good as the one we had in Korea.

Bin Go Korean Dessert House

Bing Go Korean Dessert House

Bing Go Bingsu

Bingsu Bing Go Korean Dessert House

We ordered a Milk and Red Bean Bingsu ($11) and the Injeolmi Bingsu ($11). We placed our orders and paid at the counter and were given a buzzer. We collected the bingsu when we were buzzed.

The milk and red bean bingsu came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with corn flakes, cashew nuts and other toppings. Condensed milk came in a separate cup for those who like their dessert really sweet. The shaved ice was very fine, like powdery snow. The crispy corn flakes and cashew nuts provided contrasting textures to the soft read beans and shaved ice. Everything combined well. The milk and red bean bingsu looked good and tasted great.

Bingsu Bing Go Korean Dessert House

The Injeolmi Bingsu is apparently a traditional specialty of Busan, Korea. Injeolmi Bingsu is shaved ice with iced milk, sweet Injeolmi powder, a soya bean powder, small pieces of sweet sticky rice cake and almond flakes. The Injeolmi Bingsu did not look very attractive but was a great tasting dessert. We understand that Korean rice cakes do not contain any artificial additives and boast natural fillings such as pumpkin or chestnut. They are supposed to be good for health. Rice cakes also have special meanings to Koreans. Koreans eat rice cakes when wishing for prosperity, good health, long life or happiness. Sweet rice cake also symbolises romance. Thus, there are many good reasons to indulge in Injeolmi Bingsu and sharing a Injeolmi Bingsu can be a really sweet romantic moment.

Bin Go Bingsu

Bing Go Korean Dessert House also serves yogurt and ice cream and light snacks like toast. They even have salad for those who can resist the tempting desserts. Their latte and cappuccino are priced at $5.70 and Korean tea is $4.50. The place is not a long walk from the Mountbatten MRT Station if you know the way (take Exit A and walk towards HDB Block 9). Parking in the compound is at $1.40 per hour and there are also surface car park and multi-storey car park in the HDB estate nearby.

Choco Banana Toast

Bing Go Korean Dessert House is a great place for bingsu and one we will head to whenever we have a craving for delicious Korean desserts, which is quite often.



Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops

Bing Go Korean Dessert House
102 Guillemard Road #01-01
Singapore 399719 (Moved to 11 Unity St, 01-30/31, Singapore 237995)

Tel: +65 6440 5509

Opening Hours: 12n oon – 10 pm

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