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We had lunch at Nigiro Cafe, Eat at Seven at Suntec City recently. “Eat at Seven” is a cluster of 7 Japanese restaurants located on the third level of Suntec CIty near the Sky Garden. Three are still under construction and four of them have just opened for business. Cafe Nigiro is one of the four restaurants.  The other three that have opened for business are Enbu, an izakaya-style restaurant, MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining, a sushi restaurant and Nikunohi, a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant.

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The four restaurants are clustered together sharing a common main entrance. After you enter, a series of corridors lead you past the sushi restaurant first before you reach the other three.



Nigiro Cafe is a pleasant-looking restaurant. It serves Western food, but done in the Japanese way. Ordering was done by the use of an iPad menu. The system was not the most intuitive that we have tried but we finally managed to order three sandwich items at about $16 each and a hamburger steak at $19 from the lunch menu. The items come with a salad and a coffee to go with a meal costs an extra 80 cents each.




The steak was cooked in a metal foil wrap. The taste was like eating the patty from a burger but with seasonings that have the uniquely Japanese taste. The overall taste was good.



The Nigiro burger was very beautifully presented. It tasted as good as it looks. It was quite a small burger.


The BLTA sandwich was the usual bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich plus avocado. Compared to the earlier dishes this was quite ordinary. In particular, the bacon was not properly grilled. Limp rather than crisp.


The same can be said of the other sandwich dish (the name of which I can’t now remember).  It was another so-so dish with the same limp bacon.


The salads that came with the food were small but not bad. Nicely presented and the vegetables were fresh and crisp.



The teas and coffees were good and, as you can see, were served in attractive hardware.


We were quite happy with the hamburger steak and the burger but not the regular sandwiches. The atmosphere at Nigiro was pleasant. The staff were helpful and had to cope with the usual new restaurant teething problems. The food took some time to be prepared and the iPad ordering system needed some sorting out. We believe these things would be settled out by the time you read this.

Complementary desserts were served to us to offset the inconveniences encountered that day.  It was a delicious fruit tart.  Very pretty also.


Our experience at Nigiro Cafe, Eat at Seven at Suntec City was generally positive and with the benefit of experience, the next visit should be better with a more careful selection of food.

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If you have not been to Suntec City lately, you will find that there has been many changes. One of these changes is the new express escalator that takes you from street level (near the giant fountain of wealth) to the Sky Garden level where Eat at Seven is located.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Nigiro Cafe, Eat at Seven at Suntec City
#03-315 Temasek Boulevard

Tel: 6238 1669

Nearby Stations: Esplanade, City Hall, Promenade


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