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My useless post on dinner at Lollapalooza Singapore restaurant (Closed)

Lollapalooza restaurant 01

This write-up about our dinner at Lollapalooza Singapore is probably going to be quite a useless post. I will tell you why in a minute, after I introduce the restaurant.   Lollapalooza is housed in this beautifully restored set of buildings at the junction of Keong Saik Road and Neil Road. The restaurant is on the ground floor in the unit which is at the extreme right side of the picture above.

Lollapalooza Singapore03

There are basically three sitting areas. The long communal dining table right at the back of the photo above which seats about thirty people, the handful of proper tables which are highly sought after and the bar counter that seats only four (see photo below).  We did not make a reservation, were not sociable and so ended up at the bar counter.

Lollapalooza Singapore04

Ok, now I will tell you why this is going to be quite a useless post. It is because the menu changes everyday. So I can post some beautiful pictures and write a nice story about dishes A, B and C but they may never see the light of day again and be of no use to anyone. You will just have to try your luck with whatever is on the menu should you be minded to visit the Lollapalooza Singapore. Here is a portion of the menu on that day.

Lollapalooza menu2

The menu of the Lollapaloza Singapore is printed on an A3 size paper and double folded. Because it changes everyday, this was one of the rare restaurants that encouraged us to take the menu home!  The dishes are prepared in the “small-plate” style, to encourage you to order a greater variety and to share.  This was what we experienced at their older sister restaurant, the Lolla (you can read our post here). We ordered four dishes and a dessert.

Lollapalooza Singapore05

Our first dish was the smoked eel and salmon roe potato salad ($29). It was mostly chunks of potato. The smoked eel was nice and had a pleasant moderate taste. Unfortunately they were present in very small quantities. The salmon roe was present in larger quantities but had a strong fishy taste that did not really go well with the potato and its creamy dressing.

Lollapalooza restaurant

The Scottish razor clam with Pernod ($28) was highly recommended to us. I believe Pernod is a kind of liquer. We could not really taste it. The clam itself was not bad. It has a tube-like shape, chewy texture and a clean taste.  Nothing wrong with the dish, but it was just too plain. We prefer the Chinese restaurant steamed version with lots of garlic!

Lollapalooza Singapore09

The pan-seared duck foie gras ($24) was the best dish of the day. Good quality duck liver, cooked just right. The chopped nuts on top enhanced the taste. We recommend this dish (if they ever serve it again).

Lollapalooza Singapore10

Our last savoury dish was the braised baby endives with blue cheese ($18). This was the other dish that we liked. The odd pairing of bitter vegetable and pungent blue cheese turned out to be quite good.

Lollapalooza Singapore08

Our wine of the evening was a dry, crisp  Pouilly-Fume wine. The 2013 “les Cris” Domaine A Caibourdin ($86) was the second lowest cost wine on the list but provided good companionship with our rather eclectic selection of dishes.  The only advantage of seating at the counter at Lollapalooza is the good service that ensured the glasses were never dry. Unlike the counter at the Lolla, the bar seats here are not prime seats as cooking is not done behind this counter.

Lollapalooza Singapore13

A scoop of salted peanut brittle ($9) ended out meal on a sweet note. The overall experience was mixed. The staff at the Lollapalooza were really friendly and professional.  This was the most enjoyable part about the evening.  The bar counter is not a very nice place to be seated as it is near the entrance. For us, the next time it will be proper tables or nothing as the counter here is too cramped, unlike at Lolla. The food was ok,  some we liked more than the others. But we think the prices are on the high side.

Lollapalooza ann siang

Food: 3
Service: 5
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops


1A Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089109

Monday to Saturday
Dinner 6pm – 11pm
Lunch and Sunday Brunch Coming Soon

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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