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주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Korean BBQ (Outlet Closed)

Ju Shin Jung Korean RestaurantGuillemard

주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard is a Korean style BBQ restaurant. 주신정 Ju Shin Jung was one of the first Korean charcoal BBQ restaurants in Singapore and now has 4 outlets in the West, Central and East of Singapore. It is popular with Koreans as well as Singaporeans with a good reason – they serve good authentic Korean food.

Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard is located on the ground floor of the building where the Singapore Badminton Hall used to be. It is large and spacious with long communal tables as well as private rooms. The interior decorations are simple and neat with Korean motifs. The restaurant caters to big groups and families and there is a children play room within the restaurant.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant

The menu offers a variety of beef, pork and seafood for BBQ. There are also traditional soups, hotpot, hot plate dishes as well as favourites such as Korean pancakes and bibimbab. They have various sets available and there are set lunches with prices starting at $9.90.

Eating at Ju Shin Jung can feel like having a feast. As soon as your order is taken, a Banchan (반찬) trolley will be wheeled to your table and soon your table will be covered with a wide array of side dishes and sauces. Bottles of iced tea and water are placed on the table. You can have quite a fulfilling meal without waiting for the mains to come.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

주신정 Ju Shin Jung

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant Guillemard

We ordered Bulgogi (beef), $35, and Beoljip (honeycomb pork belly), $28, for BBQ. We also ordered a Panjun (seafood and onion pancake), $20, and Dolsot (mixed vegetable rice in stone bowl), $14. The water and tea were charged at $1 person. Service charge and GST were added to the bill.

The food was served promptly and the portions were quite large. The Dolsot rice and Panjun pancake were of the expected standard. The savoury pancake was especially enjoyable when eaten with the various dipping sauces.

주신정 Ju Shin Jung

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Guillemard

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Guillemard

At Ju Shin Jung, you barbeque the meats on the grill built into the table. Cooked meats can be placed at the sides of the grill to keep them warm.

The beef and pork were well marinated. The slices were quite thick. The beef was tender and juicy with great smoky sweet and savoury flavours. The variety of sauces meant that you could experiment and savour different combinations of tastes. The large crunchy cabbage leaves provided allowed you to create your own wraps with the BBQ meats and ingredients from the side dishes. Complimentary dessert and a cup of fruit vinegar were served at the end of the meal.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Guillemard


Our dinner at 주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard was interesting and enjoyable. Although we ordered only 4 items, we ended up eating a very wide variety of food prepared in different styles and savouring a diverse range of tastes. It was a good meal for less than $30 per person. The evening got even better when we went next door to Bing Go Dessert House for bingsu. We found out that we could get a 10% discount at Bing Go if we have had a meal at Ju Shin Jung Guillemard.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant Ratings:
Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard
102 Guillemard Road #01-01
Singapore 399719

Tel: 6440 7707

Opening Hours:
Weekday Lunch: 11:30pm to 2.30pm
Weekday Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
Sat, Sun&P.H: 11:30am ~ 11pm

 #Street Fact – Guillemard Road was named after Sir Laurence Nunns Guillemard, a Governor of the Straits Settlement. He laid the foundation stones for the Cenotaph and the Causeway; and opened the clubhouse of the Singapore Yacht Club and the new building of the Singapore General Hospital.

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