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Three Little Pigs restaurant at Ngee Ann City Singapore

Three Little Pigs Singapore restaurant 1

(Update: Outlet Closed) The Three Little Pigs restaurant with a B2 location in Ngee Ann City gave us the impression that it was a restaurant for kids located somewhere near the Takashimaya food court. But we were wrong on both counts. It is a regular restaurant and in fact has a decor that is very grown-up and modern. It is located in basement two of the mall but nowhere near Takashimaya. Instead, it is right at the other end of Ngee Ann City, near the underground link with Wisma Atria.

Three Little Pigs restaurant1

 The Three Little Pigs restaurant is quite large, easily accommodating more than 50 diners. The tables are placed reasonably far apart, giving a sense of privacy, unlike many new restaurants these days. As the name suggests, the Three Little Pigs restaurant serves food that is centred around pork, although there are enough non-pork options to cater for those who prefer something else. Here are portions from their menu.

Three Little Pigs Ngee Ann City1

Three Little Pigs Ngee Ann City2

Three Little Pigs restaurant2

The star dish here is the “Signature Tender Pork Chop” which is served with several kinds of toppings. There is also a $15.80 set lunch menu that looks interesting. We ordered a pork chop and a sweet potato salad.

Three Little Pigs restaurant3

Three Little Pigs Ngee Ann City4

The sweet potato salad ($7.80) turned out to be a larger portion than we had expected. If this was eaten by one person, he will probably have no space for much else. It was coated with a sweet maple sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and alfalfa sprouts. The taste was very good.

Three Little Pigs restaurant4

We had the pork chops with onion marmalade topping ($16.80). It arrived on a large platter with two baked potatoes and some kai lan. Instead of the usual garnish on the baked potato, these were topped with sour cream and pork floss. It was an unusual combination that worked well.

Three Little Pigs Singapore restaurant 2

The pork chop was very well cooked to the point that it was very dry. The caramelized onions and sauce provided flavour to the otherwise plain tasting pork. One thing that usually holds us back from eating pork chop is the fear of a ‘porky’ taste or smell.  In this case, we could detect a slight hint of porkiness, but it is easily masked by the onion topping and sauce.   Ironically, the best part of the dish was the kai lan, which was as good as those you get at many Chinese restaurants.

Three Little Pigs Ngee Ann City3


We had entered the Three Little Pigs restaurant with rather low expectations. With a name like that, it is hard to know what to expect. The food turned out to be good. In fact, from what we experienced that day, we have a suspicion that their non-pork items could well be better than their signature pork chop items.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops



Three Little Pigs
#B2-32 Ngee Ann City
Orchard Road
Singapore 238872

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