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My healthy McDonald’s delivery lunch

McDonald's Delivery 2

Yes, I know it is unusual to see the word “healthy” used in a sentence about McDonald’s. It may perhaps be technically incorrect, but this felt like the most healthy McDonald’s meal I have eaten all my life.   

It was one of those rainy days when the rain just doesn’t seem to ever end.  Lazy to go out. The solution? McDonald’s delivery! All I needed was just a burger. That was a small problem as delivery service is available for purchases of at least $15. I had no need for any drink (which I have lots of at home) nor fries (oily salty carbs that taste good). So I scanned the online menu and settled on two items – Apple slices ($1.90) and garden salad ($4). Together with a cheese quarter pounder ($5.75) and a delivery charge of $3.50, the grand total was $15.15. Perfect!

McDonald's Delivery 4

The McDonald’s delivery service was very quick. The food was on the table less than 20 minutes after I clicked the final “submit” button on the online order site.  It was the first time I used the site and it is really easy. You can opt to pay by credit card or by cash.  I opted for the latter and there was a simple sms verification to ensure you are a real human with a working handphone number.

McDonald's Delivery 1

The quarter pounder had the familiar taste.  Not having had it in a while, it was like meeting up with an old friend. The new friends were the salad and the apple slices. The salad was lush and fresh. It was not something I associate with McDonald’s. It does not eliminate any bad stuff that may exist in the burger but it somehow makes the meal look and feel healthy.

McDonald's Delivery 3

The apple slices were in a sealed plastic bag that was refrigerated. There are cute pictures on both sides to make the package appealing to the young and young at heart. The problem was that there was no quick opening. A knife or scissors was needed to open it.

McDonald's Delivery 6

The apple looked slightly yellowish, equivalent to having some freshly cut apples being exposed for an hour or so. There must be some kind of preservative, but you can’t taste it. The shelf life was 4 or 5 days. Taste-wise, it was no different from any regular apple. The apple slices were probably equivalent to half a normal sized apple.

Overall, it was nice to have food served to you on demand. Better still when it arrives faster than room service at a hotel.

Food: 3
Service: 5
Value: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

4 tops

McDonald’s delivery Website

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