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Palette at Capitol Piazza – a new concept food hall (renamed Food Republic in 2016)

Palette Restaurant & Bar at Capitol Piazza

(May 2016 Update – Palette has been converted into a Food Republic foodcourt see pictures at the end of this post)

Palette Restaurant & Bar at Capitol Piazza (B1-20/27 Neue) is a new concept food hall with a collection of hawker and local food stalls such as Balestier Bak Kut Teh, Hok Kee Noodles and Huat Huat BBQ chicken wings. The 90 Gastro Bar offers house cocktails, gourmet coffee and desserts.


Palette Restaurant & Bar by the BreadTalk group is sort of a cross between a casual chic restaurant and a food court. The food hall has an attractive snazzy interior. Tables are nicely spaced out. Like a food court, there are food stalls offering a variety of cuisines and you can order food from any of the stalls. Unlike a food court, you wait to be seated and you will be shown to your table. No “choping” with tissue packs necessary. You can walk around to see what each stall has to offer or browse the tablet menu or the traditional menu book. Ordering is made via the tablet and food will be served to your table. You pay at the cashier after the meal.

Palette at Capitol

Palette at Capitol Piazza

Palette at Capitol Piazza

The collection of stalls is a good reflection of the local casual food scene. Ah Yat Seafood Kitchen serves food you can find in a typical Chinese restaurant or a Zhi Char stall; you can get dim sum, roast meats and even abalone. You can get pig liver & kidney soup or pork rib soup from Balestier Bak Kut Teh; nan, paneer and kebabs from Delhi 6; satay from IndoChilli; and yong tau foo and fish ball noodles from Ah Koong Restaurant. Hok Kee is known for its wonton noodles and you can get Champagne pork ribs from Little Nanyang.

One of the good things about Palette is that you can try different dishes by ordering items from different stalls. Many of the items have tasting portions (smaller and cheaper versions of the regular dishes). The photos below and random pages of the menu will give you an idea of what is available at Palette.

Ah Yat Seafood Kitchen

Ah Yat Seafood at Palette Capitol

Menu - Ah Yat Seafood Kitchen, Palette at Capitol Piazza

Dim Sum at Palette

Banana Ball Red Bean Dim Sum ($3.30)

Ah Koong Restaurant

Palette at Capitol

Palette Restaurant & Bar at Capitol Piazza

Mixed Yong Tau Foo ($9.90)

Balestier Bak Kut Teh

 Balestier Bak Kut Teh at Palette Capitol

Bak Kut Teh at Palette

 Balestier Bak Kut Teh Palette Restaurant & Bar

Pork Rib Soup ($9.50)

Delhi 6

Palette at Capitol

Delhi 6 at Palette

Hok Kee Authentic Hong Kong Noodle & Congee

Palette at Capitol Piazza

Hok Kee Menu

Beef noodles at Palette

Tasting Portion Beef Hor Fun ($5)

Huat Huat BBQ

Palette Restaurant and Bar at Capitol Piazza

Huat Huat BBQ Chicke Wings

Chicken Wings – 3 Pieces ($6)


Palette at Capitol

Palette at Capitol

Palette IndoChilli Menu

Little Nanyang

Palette at Capitol Piazza

Menu - Little Nanyang Yat Seafood Kitchen, Palette at Capitol Piazza

Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle

Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle

Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle

Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle

Tasting Portion Fried Kway Teow ($4)

90 Gastro Bar

 90 Gastro Bar - Palette at Capitol Piazza

Palette at Capitol

A sampling of the prices at Palette at Capitol Piazza is as follows :
$7.90 for fish ball noodles by Ah Koong
$16 for kebab and $3.50 for nan from Delhi 6
$7.80 for gado gado from Indo Chilli
$9 for minced beef congee from Hok Kee
$12 for 6 chicken wings from Huat Huat BBQ
$10.90 for chicken rice set from Little Nanyang
$6 for fried Hokkien prawn mee from Yong Xin.

Rice for some dishes, like bak kut teh, must be ordered separately. On Monday to Friday, there is an executive set lunch for $12 where you can have a choice of main dish, a dessert and a drink. In the evening there is Happy Hour at the bar.

Palette at Capitol Piazza

Our experience at Palette Restaurant & Bar is generally a pleasant one. It is nicely appointed and comfortable. There is a good variety of food and beverages. The food we tried were of the expected standard. The prices are slightly higher than those in a typical food court but the experience at the Palette at Capitol is much better than that you will get in the typical food court.

Palette Restaurant & Bar
13, Stamford Road
Capitol Piazza #B1-20/27 Neue
Singapore 178905

Opening hours

Nearby Stations : City Hall, Bras Basah


May 2016 update – Palette is transformed into Food Republic. The place remains, some stalls have changed. The main difference is that it becomes a self service food court system.

Food Republic at Capitol-4

Food Republic at Capitol-5

Food Republic at Capitol-3

Food Republic at Capitol-2

Food Republic at Capitol-1


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