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Biopolis food outlets and restaurants in One-North, Buona Vista

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Biopolis is like a town unto itself. There are convenience stores, a laundry shop,  even a koi pond and of course many places to eat. To help you decide on what to eat at Biopolis, here is a compilation of the Biopolis food outlets and restaurants that we have tried and some that we have not. Biopolis is one component of the One-North zone. The other neighbouring components are Fusionpolis and Mediapolis.  Next to Biopolis is a commercial development called Metropolis.

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Biopolis in One North is not a place that comes to mind when we think of places to eat. But there are many eating places located here to serve the hordes of scientists and other office personnel housed in the impressive buildings.

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The only problem is that many of them target only the working staff here and are closed in the evenings and on weekends. But fortunately, enough of them stay open for us non-Biopolis residents to explore and sample during the off-peak hours.

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Infuzi Restaurant is the most formal of the Biopolis food outlets and restaurants. In our view it is also the most attractive restaurant in this area. Read our review here.

Infuzi restaurant06

Bodacious Bar & Bistro is another restaurant that we frequent. It is a casual restaurant that serves interesting food and drinks. Read our review here.

Bodacious Cafe Biopolis09

As its name suggests, Tete-a-Tete Cafe is a place to gather for a light meal or to chit-chat. They have the best coffee and desserts in the Biopolis region. Read our review here.

Tete-a-Tete Cafe @ Biopolis05

For something complete different, try Bigmama Korean Restaurant. It has a weird name but serves quite traditional Korean food like bibimbap.  Read our review here.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant Biopolis15

The Lawn is a self-service restaurant that is ideally suited for office workers who have little time and want a healthy meal. Their specialities are salads and grilled meats Read our review here.

The Lawn @ Biopolis


Raj Restaurant serves Indian vegetarian cuisine. Read our review here.

Raj Restaurant Biopolis12

Hoopla Coffee and Kitchen is like one of those hip cafes in town (eg Tiong Bahru) that serves good coffee, all day breakfast and other cafe type of food.   The good thing is that you can find it at your doorstep if you are living in the Buona Vista area.  It is not technically part of Biopolis. It is situated within the nearby Mediapolis zone. Read our review here.

Hoopla Cafe Infinite Studio09

Here are some restaurants in Biopolis that we have not tried.

Where there are big numbers of office workers, you can be sure that coffee shops and sandwich bars will follow. The usual suspects plus some unique ones.

Long Black Cafe.  Pasta, sandwiches, burgers and coffee.  See website

Biopolis food02


Biopolis food07

Coffee Culture – freshly brewed coffee and gourmet sandwiches. 

Biopolis food13

Gorilla Press – cold pressed juices to help you detox.  See Instagram Page.

Biopolis food Gorilla Press1


Biopolis food01

Biopolis food03

Cookie Caffe – Cookies, muffins and coffee. See website

Biopolis food14

There are some restaurants serving Asian food.

Supreme Cuisine – Asian and western food at 30 Biopolis St #01-02 Singapore 138671

Biopolis food04


Biopolis food05

Mealbox – Asian food at 30 Biopolis Street #01-01 Singapore

Biopolis food06

Parkway Thai Restaurant – modern Asian Thai restaurant. See Website

Biopolis food09

Biopolis food10

Curbside Cafe and Wine Bar looks like an interesting place which is on our to-do list. See website.

Biopolis food Nucleous1

This is an incomplete list of the Biopolis food outlets and restaurants. We have probably missed out some. There are also the surrounding Mediapolis, Fusionpolis, Metropolis and other places. Each of them have their own f & b outlets to serve their tenants. Stay tuned as we continue to explore this area and we will update the list from time to time.

For information on Biopolis  – JTC website

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