Senjyu @ Bugis Junction (Closed)

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Senjyu @ Bugis Junction attracted our attention with their huge 50% discount sign.  The unusual thing about this offer is that it applies all the time (weekday and weekend; lunch and dinner) and on (almost) all items.  Was it a real deal or just some gimmick?  We decided to give this Japanese restaurant a try.

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Senjyu @ Bugis Junction occupies quite a large space near the food court.  There were seats along a long conveyor belt sushi line as well as normal seating areas.

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The menu was extensive and covers most kinds of the usual Japanese restaurant food.  We were assured that the 50% discount applies to all items, except for specific items (which we would not have thought of ordering). We suggest you visit their facebook page to see the list of excluded items, validity period and terms and conditions (not valid on PH and eve of PH etc).

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As you can see the menu illustrations were glossy and beautiful.  So we ordered a few dishes and had one item from the conveyor belt.

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The Unatama Don ($23.99) was a large bowl of rice topped with a generous spread of vegetables and grilled eel (unagi).  The taste was good and this was a large portion.

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The Tori Teriyaki ($12.99) was another dish served in a large portion. This bowl of rice was topped with a generous serving of teriyaki chicken. The chicken had a nice smoky, roasted flavour.  Very good. The prices which we are referring to are before the discount.  At this stage we realised that we had over ordered as we were already full at this stage.  Fortunately the rest were side dishes and should not be too overwhelming.

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The shishamo fishes ($9.99) were fat and well grilled. Slight browning of the skin but not over-cooked. Very good.

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Our final item was the grilled salmon head – shake kama shioyaki ($11.99).  The taste of this dish was good. Our complaint was that the head was quite small and they had cut off the head too tightly. There was not much body left.  The meat was fatty and fresh, but there was too little of it.

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Our token sushi was a black plate item (fish eggs sushi) that costs $4.59.  A cup of hot tea costs $1.99. Our total bill was around $80.  With a 50% discount, the net bill was around $39 including tax and GST.  It appears that the 50% discount is a real deal rather than a gimmick. The only lesson from our experience at Senjyu @ Bugis Junction is not to over-order just because there is a discount.

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Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 4

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops

Senjyu Sushi Restaurant 

#02-54 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Tel(+65) 63349015


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