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Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants (Closed)


Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants is a new restaurant at Gemmill Lane, the small lane off Club Street. Delicacy is a small restaurant housed in a quaint looking shophouse. If we had not already read about this restaurant, we would not have figured out what kind of restaurant it is from its name or its decor.


We were there at 11 am on Sunday without a reservation. We were told that we had to finish eating by 1 pm. The place was not exactly packed (only four other patrons besides us), but we later learnt that they were expecting a full house for lunch.



The design of Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants is basic and simple. One row of wooden tables and chairs in the long narrow space.  Wooden wine crates begin their second lives as wall shelves.



Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants serves Mediterranean style cuisine. The Sunday brunch menu is quite a limited one. You either have the Hearty Set menu at $46 or choose from 11 a la carte items. The non-Sunday set menus appear to be more wallet friendly.  The menus are posted on their website.  We opted for a Hearty Set and a few other items.



The Hearty Set kicked off with a dish of olives and slow cooked eggs with sobrasada on toast. The olives were soft, well-marinated and drenched in olive oil. A good taste to start a meal. The slow cooked egg did not taste any different from normal egg. The taste of the slices of sausage dominated the taste  The sobrasada was ground pork, spread on toast. This was our first time trying such a dish and it tasted interesting – like pate on toast.


For the main course we selected the pork belly and choriza bean stew. The pork was quite average. The skin was chewy, not crisp. Perhaps it was meant to be served this way, but we prefer pork belly with the crispy crackling. The bean stew was good. The complex taste of the gravy combining well with the clean taste of the beans.


We ordered another main course – lamb cutlets with aioli on toast ($25). The lamb was good and tender and had a good overall taste. The taste of the aioli (which we later discovered to be a Spanish form of garlic flavoured oil) was rather mild and hardly noticeable on the toast.


We tried an order of mixed croquetas ($15). Each of them was the size of a large fishball.  Deep fried potato dishes usually taste good and this was no exception.



For dessert, we had the Churros con Chocolate as part of the set meal and the caramelized banana rice pudding ($12). Extra churros were served to us, compliments of the restaurant. They tasted very good. The rice pudding, by comparison was quite plain.


Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   3 Tops

Delicacy by Food & Wine Merchants
10 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069251

Nearby Stations : Telok Ayer, Chinatown


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