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The Disgruntled Chef (Closed)

The Disgruntled Chef

Colours have been added to an old building on Ann Siang Hill which used to have an all white exterior. What used to be an office building is now home to a new boutique hotel, The Club. With the hip hotel comes a good mix of interesting food and beverage outlets. The Disgruntled Chef, the popular restaurant at Dempsey Hill, has opened an outlet in the refurbished building on Ann Siang Hill – and is known as The Disgruntled Chef at the Club.

The Disgruntled Chef

The Disgruntled Chef is situated on the street level of The Club and enjoys direct access from Ann Siang Road. It is spread over two levels and has an alfresco dining area at the back. The main dining area is on the street level and the private rooms and kitchen are on the lower level. The decor is modern and elegant, with some interesting touches like decorated mirror panels. The foyer is dominated by a bar which stocks a good range of wine, craft beers and other liquors.

The Disgruntled Chef

The Disgruntled Chef

On weekdays, The Disgruntled Chef offers a 2-course set lunch for $38 and a 3-course set for $45. The a la carte menu is fairly limited. There are 7 Small Plates items and  8 Big Plates items to choose from, plus sides and desserts. The Disgruntled Chef’s small plate-big plate concept allows for sharing and trying different items on the menu mix and match style.

The Disgruntled Chef Menu

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club

We ordered a White Asparagus Confit ($21) from the Small Plates Section and the Crispy Beef Short Ribs ($38) from the Big Plates Section. We also asked for a side dish of Potatoes and Ceps ($9). The food came beautifully plated and the portions were of reasonable size; slightly more generous than we had expected.

The White Asparagus Confit consisted of spears of asparagus hidden in runny egg yolk and white truffle oil and topped with thin slices of crispy Prosciutto ham. The combination of the various elements and different textures created a most interesting and delicious dish. We would readily recommend the dish.

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club

The side dish of Potatoes and Ceps was a simple dish comprising mushroom, potatoes, long beans sand French beans. It was well cooked and more enjoyable than we supposed it would be.

The Crispy Beef Short Ribs was an unusual dish. There was a light brown crunchy outer layer with the inside cooked to the perfect level of doneness for a medium steak. The beef was slightly firm but not chewy. The beef sat on top of white kimchi which had the conventional sourness but not spicy. The mix of textures provided by the layers of beef and the kimchi was fascinating and delightful. What took the dish to another level was the sauce – a mixed of beef stock, honey and spicy mayonnaise. The dish was visually interesting and the various elements provided plenty of exciting flavours.

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club Hotel

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club Ann Siiang Hill

We debated whether to opt for the Roqueford Ice cream or Chocolate Croquette for desserts and decided on the latter. We were not disappointed. When it arrived, the dessert looked like an art piece. There were 3 pieces of croquette filled with molten chocolate set among edible decorations of coffee jelly, cocoa, Kahlua and coffee cream. The sight, smell, feel and taste of the deep-fried balls of gooey chocolate certainly ensured a very pleasant sweet ending to our meal.

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club Dessert

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club Dessert

We had a very enjoyable meal at The Disgruntled Chef. The setting was nice, the service was good and the food was excellent. We left the restaurant feeling anything but disgruntled. The Disgruntled Chef at The Club is an exciting addition to the already colourful dining scene on Ann Siang Hill.

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

The Disgruntled Chef at The Club
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708

Tel: +65 6808 2184


Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday
Lunch: 12.00pm To 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm To 10.30pm
Closed On Sunday



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