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SG50 mooncake – the best mooncake we have eaten in 2015

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5011

Finally, after an overdose of SG50 merchandise, we come across a product that does justice to the SG50 occasion. This SG50 mooncake from Jiang Nan Chun of the Four Seasons Hotel was  the best mooncake we have eaten in 2015.

best mooncakes 20151

Jiang Nan Chun was selling both the traditional and the modern varieties of mooncake when we were there for dinner the other day. We resisted their salesmanship at first because we tend to have enough mooncakes from gifts and other promotions during the Mid-Autumn festival. It was only after we accepted some tasting samples that we found out how brilliantly made this year’s mooncakes were.

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5005

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5008

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5006

The mooncakes that we ended up buying were all the snow-skin types. All of them had unusual and original tastes. Each mooncake was very small but they were packed in big ornate boxes. The packaging reminded us of the whack-the-mole-on-the-head game at arcades. The heavy ostentatious box may be perceived as being prestigious for some but it seemed quite unnecessary and wasteful to us.  A box a quarter its size could convey the eight small mooncakes comfortably.

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5001

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5004

The best mooncake was the SG50 Singapore Sangria. Hidden inside the red and white skin is a concoction of fruity tastes, laced with the taste of a sangria cocktail created by the people running the bar at the Four Seasons Singapore – Javier de las Muelas.  It has a light refreshing taste.  The sangria contains alcohol but the taste of it stays in the background.

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5003

The mango paste and macadamia nut mooncake was also very good. Creamy mango (like a concentrated form of mango pudding) with the crunch and taste of chunky pieces of macadamia nuts. Delicious!

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5010

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5014


Another unusual but successful combination of flavours was the chendol paste and hazelnut royaltine. Very mild chendol taste with the nutty highlights of hazelnut. We get a very pleasant and refreshing feeling when eating it.

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5009

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5015

Chocolate mooncake sounds weird but the folks at Jiang Nan Chun have pulled it off with this pineapple paste with dark chocolate and pine nuts. The pine nuts are broken into small pieces providing some rough texture to the smoothness of the pineapple paste and dark chocolate.

Best Mooncakes in Singapore SG5002

These were the ones we ended buying and eating. There was one more flavour we tried but did not fancy – the D24 durian paste mooncake.  The taste of durian was strong and we thought it was overwhelming, drowning out all other tastes. Hard core durian fans may well like it. The snow skin mooncakes cost $63 for a box of 8. $66 in the case of the D24 durian. You can mix flavours. Payment using certain types of credit cards get you a 15% discount.

We often find that mooncakes, especially the traditional kinds, tend to be very heavy. These snow skin ones were very light and delightful. You can eat a few in one go. It seems that Jiang Nan Chun has come up with a winning formula for some of the best mooncakes in Singapore – nice chewy skin covering a creamy paste with an unexpected flavour punctuated with nutty flavours.

Finally, one tip on storing snow skin mooncakes. Keep them in the freezer. The skin stays taut and tight. A few minutes out in tropical weather Singapore and they will be sufficiently thawed and ready to eat.

Jiang Nan Chun
2nd Floor, Four Seasons Hotel
190 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248646

Tel : 6831 7220

Nearby Stations: Orchard


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