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Eating at the F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix – 0 to 100 calories in 2.7 sec

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race6

The F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix is here once again. The cars are beautiful. The racing is exciting. We would love to write about Hamilton, Rosberg, Ferrari and McLaren. But this being a food blog, we remain focused on the more important things in life i.e. what to eat at the Paddock Club at the F1 2015 Singapore Formula One races, although we do have a few more F1 car pictures at the end of this post.

There was so much good food that we were piling on the calories faster than the cars were burning their high-octane fuel. The law of conservation of energy in action?

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix17

As usual the first stop on arrival at the Marina Bay circuit is the champagne bar where the endless flow of Taittinger champagne kicks off the day at the races on a bubbly note. The Flutes bar was bathed in a bluish light, putting all who were present in a carnival mood.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix01

Live entertainment was on hand to jazz up the atmosphere but people were mostly interested in either the cars or the food.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix33

F1 2015 SGP1

The Singapore Airlines crew added glamour and smiles to the proceedings and were popular with the guests. There was a stream of people waiting to have their photos taken with them.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix12

F1 2015 SGP2

The main restaurant at the F1 Paddock Club was the Jean-Georges Vongerichten — New York, New York! This was a huge space that got filled up in no time.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix09

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix03

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix02

The Lobster with Fried Garlic, Chillies and Thai Basil was the winner of the food offerings here at Marina Bay. The lobsters were quite small but were of very good quality. All too often, lobsters served at big events get ruined by being overcooked. Here they were cooked just right. Yum!

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix05

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix07

The other items on offer at Jean Georges were not too shabby either. The steaks were high on our favourites list.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix10

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix08

F1 2015 Singapore Formula 12

We could have camped out here at Jean Georges and eat lobster and steak with champagne all night long.  But there were other places to explore. Next stop :The COMO Cuisine.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix36

At the COMO Cuisine area, the menu was designed by Chris Miller, Executive Chef at Bangkok’s Metropolitan by COMO hotels. The place was packed. Standing room only so we only tried some ham and dessert.  Not bad but not as impressive as the food at Jean Georges.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix35

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix37

There was one name that stood out amongst the foreign names: our very own Janice Wong. This petite young lady has made a name for herself in Singapore and abroad by crafting wonderful desserts. At the F1 Paddock Club, she helms a large space – Pure Imagination which serves dim sum and desserts.

F1 2015 Singapore Formula One1


F1 2015 Singapore Formula 11

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix26

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix27

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix28

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix29

The savoury dishes at Janice Wong’s Pure Imagination were generally average. The black noodles with wagyu beef was very good.  But the highlight here were the sweet stuff and it was in the dessert section that Janice Wong shines. The bite sized bon bons were delightful. The chocolate praline cake is a must try dish. They should bring this over to Jean Georges to make a perfect three-course meal with the lobster and steak.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix30

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix31

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix32

There was another eatery that caught our eye : Itsuki Izakaya – casual Japanese small plate dining.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix18

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix13

Unfortunately this was not one of the better experiences of the day as the air conditioning was stuffy, the sake was not cold and the food was ordinary.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix14

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix16

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix15

The Johnny Walker Bar was on hand to ply us with even more alcohol. Some concoctions made with different types of the JW whisky were available. The F1 hospitality areas must be the ultimate place where drinking and driving are mixed and enjoyed on such a large scale.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix22

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix23

Basil’s was our finally eating stop for the day. It was modelled after a traditional British pub. You can find many types of beer and some pub food here. The fish and chips was good.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix19

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix21

Basil’s is situated right next to the track and is a nice place to soak in the atmosphere. There was another restaurant – Marina Bay Seafood which we had to skip as we had exceeded our weekly food intake quota.

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix20

F1 2015 Singapore Formula One Food

We end our post about the food and eating at the F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix Paddock Club with some car and pit lane pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

F1 2015 Singapore Formula 13

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race7

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race5

F1 2015 Singapore Grand Prix39

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race4

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race2

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race3

F1 2015 Singapore Night Race1


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