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Mon Bijou Singapore – a gem of a cafe at Claymore Connect

Mon Bijou-1

(Updated 20 June 2016 – added more pictures of food and current promotional breakfast and dinner deals at the end of this post) Mon Bijou Singapore is a new cafe in a new mall, Claymore Connect. This little mall was formerly known as the Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade. The arcade was extensively renovated and has just re-opened with a new and modern outlook.  You can read more about the places to eat at Claymore Connect in our earlier post.

Claymore Connect Mon Bijou

The decor of the Mon Bijou cafe is quite eclectic. There are sections which look like a typical French bistro with small marble-topped tables and bent wood chairs.  There is a section with high tables and chairs which made us think of the Caveau Bar that we recently visited. And then there are these big armchairs scattered around which look very comfortable. As the restaurant is located on a mezzanine level, those seated at the edge get a nice view over the atrium.

Claymore Connect Mon Bijou

Mon Bijou-13

Mon Bijou-10

The furniture may be more functional rather than attractive but the food on display at Mon Bijous Singapore will certainly stop you in your tracks.  The cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and other desserts were delicately made and beautiful.

Mon Bijou-6

Mon Bijou-8

Mon Bijou’s menu is quite simple and they serve the usual cafe type of food – all day breakfast, burgers, pasta etc. We were there for brunch and tried four of their dishes.

Mon Bijou-26

Mon Bijou-29

The baked eggs with roasted vegetables and beans ($14) was a compact but pretty dish. It was very good. The eggs and vegetables blended so well.  We will return very soon just to eat this.

Mon Bijou-21


Mon Bijou-20

The Sliders Trio ($22) was listed in the “Light Bites” section of the menu. It is anything but light.  The three sliders were almost full-sized burgers –  MB Crabby Patty, “Ngoh Hiang” Chicken and Classic Beef Burger. Together with the side of fries, this trio of sliders could feed two people. The taste was very good. The crab patty was the best.   The ngoh hiang taste was not very pronounced in the chicken patty. It was more like a regular chicken burger. The classic beef burger was very good.

Mon Bijou-19

Mon Bijou-24

The Wagyu Beef Cheese Burger ($26) was a big burger. The patty was huge (180g, according to the menu). The meat was well cooked and very flavourful. This was more than enough for one person. Fortunately there was a generous amount of vegetables to balance the meat. The skinny fries were also well made and tasty.

Mon Bijou-22

Mon Bijou-23

Finally, there was the MB Brioche French Toast ($14). The two slices of toast were thick and fluffy. Very light and fragrant. There are two combinations of sauces available. We picked the  banana compote which was paired with a chocolate sauce. They tasted great, especially the banana bits in the compote. Very good to eat with the French toast. This was one of the best French toast we had eaten in recent times.

Claymore Connect Mon Bijou

As you can tell, we enjoyed brunch at the Mon Bijou cafe. The portions were so big that there was regrettably, no room for desserts. The taste of the food here was good and the prices were very reasonable. We should also mention that the staff were some of the friendliest we have met. Looks like this is a place we will return to quite frequently. If we have to pick on one area that needs improvement, it would be the coffee. It is not bad, but it is way below the high standard of the food here.

Mon Bijou has a #01 address, but it is actually on a mezzanine level, so you have to take a flight of escalators up a level.

Mon Bijou means “my jewel” in French, but do not confuse them with another cafe Jewel Coffee on the ground floor.

Mon Bijou-17

Mon Bijou-16

20 June 2016 update

Added more pictures and some promotional information.

Mon Bijou June 16-9

Mon Bijou June 16-14


Here are pictures of our $19.90 Mon Bijou set dinner – salad as starter, agile olio pasta with river prawns and salmon and seafood stew as mains and yuzu ice cream for dessert.

Mon Bijou Set Dinner $19.90 - 1

Mon Bijou Set Dinner $19.90 - 3

Mon Bijou Set Dinner $19.90 - 4

Mon Bijou Set Dinner $19.90 - 5

Mon Bijou Set Dinner $19.90 - 6

Mon Bijou June 16-4

Mon Bijou June 16-2

Mon Bijou June 16-1-2



Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops


Mon Bijou
Claymore Connect
442 Orchard Road #01-19/20
Singapore 238879

Tel : +65 6739 6738

Opening Hours : 10.00am to 9.00pm

Nearest MRT Station – Orchard MRT

Facebook Page

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