Emporium Shokuhin and the 7 restaurants in Marina Square (Closed)

Emporium Shokushin - Marina Square

Emporium Shokushin - Marina Square

(August 2017 update – many changes have taken place since our first visit in 2015. We have updated our post to reflect the changes to the restaurants). The opening of Japanese supermarket Emporium Shokuhin and its cluster of seven restaurants generated much excitement. Singaporeans are great fans of Japanese food, especially their meat and seafood.

Emporium Shokuhin in Marina Square is touted as the largest Japanese supermarket in Singapore but there must be two question on the minds of most people. Is it as good as it is hyped out to be? Are there still rats in Marina Square?  We take you on a walk around the supermarket and take a peek at the restaurants to find out.

Shokuhin - Seafood

The highlight of Emporium Shokuhin is their seafood section. Here you can find live seafood, dead but fresh seafood as well as recently cooked and kept chilled specimens. Large tanks keep the creatures alive. Their collection of crabs and oysters were impressive.

Shokuhin Live Seafood





The next section that should draw hungry carnivorous shoppers is the meat section. Here, there are big chillers where large slabs of meat were hung.  The beef is not just from Japanese cows but from other countries as well. The display counters are full of all kinds of beef.  Here are a few examples.



Shokuhin Japanese Supermarket




Apart from the fresh food, there is a wide range of other Japanese products.

Emporium Shokuhin Japanese Supermarket

Emporium Shokuhin - Supermarket at Marina Square

The range of Japanese and other types of food and beverages is wide, but we think what will make us go all the way down to Marina Bay to shop at Emporium Shokuhin would be the seafood and beef items.

Now we show you the other exciting aspect of Emporium Shokuhin – the connected Japanese restaurants. There used to be seven of them – catering to different tastes and budgets. Here is the original list of restaurants and a map showing their locations relative to the supermarket.

Emporium Shokuhin Directory

Here is the new directory of Emporium Shokuhin with 8 dining concepts as at August 2017. Note:  the shabu shabu restaurant has been replaced by a Japanese-Italian restaurant at the time of our August 2017 visit.

Umi & Vino is a seafood wine bar. As its name suggests, seafood and wine are the main attractions. This seems to be one of the more popular restaurants. Read our review here. We enjoyed the grilled items  in the “a la plancha plates” section.

Shokuhin Umi + Vino Restaurant

The former Tsukeru Shabu Shabu had been replaced by an Italian-Japanese restaurant known as Shio & Pepe.  Two new places – Ishizuki Sake Bar  and The Liquor Store have opened up next to it.


Shio & Pepe Emporium Shokuhin
Shio & Pepe Emporium Shokuhin
Shio & Pepe Japanese Italian Kitchen
Shio & Pepe Japanese Italian Kitchen
 Ishizuki Sake Bar
Ishizuki Sake Bar
 Ishizuki Sake Bar , Emporium Shokuhin
Ishizuki Sake Bar

Senmi Sushi – with so many types of live and fresh seafood available in-house, we have high expectations of the sushi served here.  Here are a couple of pages from the Senmi Sushi menu.



Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill – beefeaters’s paradise, featuring premium meats such as dry-aged beef as well as fresh seafood for grilling on special grills imported from Japan.


Gyuu Yakiniku Grill

Burosu Honten Ramen and Gyoza – the ramen prices start from $12.80.  Simple and zen dining area.



Takujo Fine Dining restaurant. Their website says “experience modern Japanese cuisine while dining in an intimate setting.” Read our review here.


Kohi Koji Cafe & Bakery  –  According to their website, this is a place to ” savour the taste of handcrafted coffee from specially chosen Brazil and Panama beans, and whiffs of freshly baked Japanese-style pastries …”. Read our review here.




As at August 2017, we note that a new ready-to-eat cafe Kome Kome has opened up next to Kohi Koji. They take over the space formerly used as a children’s play area.  Ready made food is displayed. Just select, pay and eat. Looks like a Japanese version of economical rice, quite similar to the Muji Cafe.

That is the end of the tour of Emporium Shokuhin and the Japanese restaurants and food concepts at Marina Square Singapore. We will be posting our reviews of the outlets that we manage to try in due course. Do look out for them.

If you are visiting, the Emporium is located in the corner of Marina Square facing the Esplanade. If you are driving, park near Marina Mandarin Hotel and follow the signs in the mall.

As for the two questions, the first answer is yes, the Emporium Shokukin and restaurants are welcome additions to the dining scene in Singapore. As for rats, we did not see any sign of them nor expect to as this is a newly renovated part of Marina Square and we think they would have gained enough experience from the past episode to make sure the same thing does not happen again!


Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Operating Hours:
Live Seafood Market/Aged Beef & Deli: 8.30am – 9pm
Gourmet Grocer: 11.30am – 9pm

Nearby Stations: Promenade, Esplanade, City Hall

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