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Karafuru Desserts – a new wonderful cafe at Jalan Klapa (Closed)

Karufuru Desserts

We have seen so many photos of the colourful parfait and eclairs of Karafuru Desserts. When we were in the vicinity of Jalan Klapa we just could not resist visiting Karafuru Desserts just to see with our own  eyes the too beautiful to eat creations of the Japanese-inspired desserts cafe. We were not disappointed. We were indeed treated to a feast for our eyes.

Karufuru Cafe Singapore

Karafuru Desserts cafe with its frontage of glass panels decorated with repetitive white motifs stands out from it rustic surroundings. The minimalist clean white interior gives the cafe a calm relaxed atmosphere. It is rather small and a display counter, cashier’s station and a parfait preparation area take up perhaps a quarter of the narrow shop space. Although the cafe was not big and there were many patrons there, the place did not feel crowded or noisy. Maybe the decor had a calming effect on people such that they would speak more softly than usual or maybe most people there were too busy taking photos to be talking.

Karufuru Desserts

Karafuru Eclairs

Karafuru Desserts is a self-service cafe. Take a menu to your table and study it or just go up to the counter and point to what you like. Place your order and pay and a buzzing device will be given to you. Collect your food and drinks when you are buzzed. Help yourselves to napkins and wooden utensils.

The menu at Karafuru Desserts  is straightforward. Essentially, they offer eclairs ($6 or $7 each), yogurt parfait ($16) and hot and cold beverages. From October 2015, they offer 2 sets :
– Eclair Set ($16) consisting of 2 eclairs (choose from 12 flavours, top up $1 for each alcoholic eclair) served with 1 coffee or tea of your choice ; and
– Parfait Set ($20) consisting of a parfait (choose from 6 flavours) served with 1 coffee or tea of your choice.

Karufuru Cafe Singapore

We went for the Parfait Set and opted for the Hanami Parfait with iced apple green tea. An extra long black was $4.50. The parfait was made up of their in-house yogurt with sakura souffle, vanilla pudding, cereals, matcha langue de chat biscuit, dango (Japanese dumplings made from rice flour), strawberries and raspberries. The sauce was a red fruit coulis – a thick sauce of fruit puree.

The parfait was indeed colourful and beautiful. There was beauty from every angle. What about the taste? Because of the way the parfait was presented, we were tempted to taste each of the  individual components on its own. We particularly liked the dango which was served on a stick of three. It was like mochi, slightly chewy and sweet. None of the other components of the parfait was especially remarkable; but then that was not how we were to enjoy a parfait. When we combined the various components, we got a mix of different layers of flavours and textures. On the whole it was enjoyable.

KARAFURU Dessert Sets

Karafuru Coffee & Tea

We like Karafuru Desserts’ cool calm interior and pleasant helpful staff. The parfait we tried was interesting and enjoyable. We will certainly be returning to try their eclairs and other flavours of parfait. What makes the experience at Karafuru Desserts cafe a remarkable one is that it is a place where you first eat with your eyes – and what a wonderful colourful feast for the eyes.

Karufuru Hananmi Yogurt Parfait

Food : 4
Service : 4
Value : 3
Atmosphere :5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops

Karafuru Desserts
8 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199320

Tel : +65 62914430

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 1:00 pm-10:00 pm


#Street Fact – Jalan Klapa means coconut street. Klapa or kelapa is the Malay word for coconut.

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