Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar @ Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square (Closed)


Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar was the first restaurant we decided to try when we visited Singapore’s new integrated Japanese food and retail attraction,  Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square. There are seven restaurants integrated within the emporium concept at Emporium Shokuhin. Having just walked around the wonderful live and chilled seafood market there, we thought Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar would be a good place to start eating our way through the emporium.  “Umi” means “sea” in Japanese.

For an overview of Emporium Shokuhin and the 7 restaurants, you can view our earlier post here.



Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar is a long, modern styled restaurant. Being situated at the side of the building means that there are lots of natural light which makes the place very bright and clean. And clean is a good impression to make when the restaurant has raw and chilled food on the menu.

You can choose to be seated at the tables lined along the full glass windows or at the long marble counter and gaze into the eyes of the prawns and lobsters in the display cases. To us, crustaceans are food not friends, so we prefer to sit at the regular tables.


The menu at Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar is a simple one-page affair. Mostly seafood, many of which are served raw or chilled but there are some hot food items.  Here is their food menu and the first page of an extensive drinks menu.



We are not really fans of cold food, and therefore only ordered several hot items, except for the oysters that we could not resist trying. The Emporium has a good collection of oysters and crabs in the live seafood market area and we thought those at Umi and Vin should be good.


Two kinds of oysters were served ($8 each). All I can remember is that they were from France. I can’t remember the type but they were juicy and had the taste-of-the-sea freshness.  We kept to the Japanese theme and had Asahi Super Dry beers ($9 each).

Umi+Vino Seafood & Wine Bar



We ordered a few items from the “A La Plancha style” section of the menu. A quick search with Google revealed that this was a Spanish phrase that meant grilled on a hot plate.Eating not only increases one’s waistline but also one’s language capabilities. The grilled scallops ($16 per order) were fresh and succulent. although we would have preferred them to be cooked slightly longer.



The grilled half lobster ($28) was perfect. No more words are needed to describe it.


The grilled bamboo clam ($13) was also a good choice. Some sauce is provided. But it was not necessary. Just a drop of lemon juice and enjoy its natural taste.


We also had an order of grilled prawns. $14 for six prawns. They were well grilled and had their shells removed.  Just off with their heads and you are ready to go. The A La Plancha style items ranged from good to great. With seafood, there are only two things that are needed. Freshness and being cooked just right. Except for the scallops, the other items were done exactly the way we liked them.


The grilled salmon with asparagus and egg was a more regular dish. The skin of the salmon was grilled to a fine crisp finish. This was the first time I had egg with salmon and asparagus. The overall taste was better than expected. The sweetish soy sauce helped to blend the different tastes.


Wagyu stew with potato mash ($29) was the only non-seafood item that day. It is a hearty beef stew dish. We could not really taste whether it was wagyu or normal beef. It was just like a good beef stew on a bed of mash.


Overall it was an enjoyable eclectic meal. Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar leverages the strength of the ingredients available in-house at Emporium Shokuhin – seafood and beef.

March 2016 update – Here is a picture of Umi + Vino’s revised menu.

Emporium shokuhin restaurant deals - 3

Here is our proposed theme song for the Umi & Vino seafood restaurant:

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops


Umi+Vino Seafood Wine Bar
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm

Tel:+65 6224 3433

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