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Joyden Treasures (renamed Joyden Seafood) at Leisure Park Kallang

Joyden Treasures Restaurant

Joyden, a name associated with good seafood in the West of Singapore, has extended their presence to the East. Joyden Treasures Restaurant, a full service Chinese restaurant has opened up in Leisure Park Kallang. We had visited Joyden Canton Kitchen at HillV2 (see our earlier post) and left with a very good impression. We are glad to find that the food at Joyden Treasures is of the same good standard.

Joyden Treasures

Joyden Treasures Restaurant Kallang

Joyden Treasures Restaurant occupies a large space on the second level of Leisure Park Kallang. The decor is contemporary; not particularly remarkable but neat and pleasant enough. There are private dining areas as well as tables of different sizes including large round tables suitable for big groups. You can imagine that the restaurant may sometimes be used to host a wedding banquet.

The menu is quite extensive and has nice glossy images for ease of reference. Items on the menu include crispy duck, salt baked crab, “Tai-O” style seafood bee hoon and many other items that you expect to find in a Chinese seafood restaurant. Dim Sum is served during lunch time.

Joyden Treasures Chinese Restaurant

We selected 3 dishes to go with steamed rice  – Braised Beancurd with Spinach ($18), Pork & Prawn Roll or hae chor ($14) and their signature Mandarin Peel Pork Ribs ($22). The wait for the food was about 10 minutes. The dishes came very nicely presented and in fairly generous portions.

The simple and healthy beancurd dish was delicious. The beancurd had a good texture and was nicely flavoured by the thick sauce. The spinach had a mild flavor and was soft but not mushy.

Joyden Treasures Bean Curd

Joyden Treasures Bean Curd

The Mandarin Peel Pork Ribs were very good. The well marinated meat was tender such that it would separate easily from the bone. The sauce was sticky, bitter-sweet and tangy. The scent and taste of mandarin were clearly discernible but not overpowering. The dish was enjoyable on its own but also went very well with plain steamed rice.

Joyden Treasures Signature Orange Peel Pork

The Prawn Rolls had nice crispy skins. The filling of minced pork and prawns had good texture and flavour. They were delicious.

Prawn Roll at Joyden Treasures Restaurant

The service staff were pleasant and enthusiastic. However, a number of them were clearly very new to the job. Hopefully, the service standards would improve once the staff have more time to be trained and to gain some experience. As is typical in many Chinese restaurants in Singapore, you should note that various items which you might not have specifically ordered would be charged – Rice ($1 per bowl), Tea ($1.50 each) and Pickles and Peanuts ($2). Service charge and GST would also be added to the bill. The good news is that, as part of its opening promotion, Joyden Treasures is currently offering a 15% discount off their menu prices.

We enjoyed our simple meal at Joyden Treasures Chinese restaurant. The standard of their food is good. We would certainly return. We are sure that those working and residing in the area will welcome this new full service Chinese restaurant in Leisure Park Kallang. Those going to the Singapore Sports Hub will now also have the option of a good hot Chinese meal at Joyden Treasures.

Joyden Treasures Leisure Park Kallang

Food : 4
Service : 2
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


Joyden Treasures Restaurant
#02-42 Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397693

Tel : +65 6446 8488

Nearby Station : Stadium


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