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ADHD Restaurant at The South Beach (Closed)

ADHD at The South Beach Hotel

October 2016 Update – The South Beach Singapore hotel is rebranded as JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach and ADHD Restaurant has become Beach Road Kitchen.

Phillipe Starck, who made a splash on Miami South Beach in 1994 with his design of the Delano Hotel, has created another glamorous destination in The South Beach Singapore. The tongue-in-cheek style humour of Phillipe Starck is evident everywhere in the new hotel. ADHD Restaurant at The South Beach hotel has an elegant yet playful setting. Perhaps even the name – ADHD – bears the stamp of Starck’s wittiness and humuor. What does ADHD stands for?

ADHD at The South Beach

We think ADHD could well stand for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Dining. Go for a meal at the ADHD Restaurant and one is likely to display behaviour that includes inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. There are so many things that compete for your attention and so many elements to stimulate your various senses.

Even before you get to the restaurant in the lower level of The South Beach hotel, the feast for the eyes begins with the colourful designer furniture, big digital mural at the hotel entrance, lift with walls that change colours and walkways decorated with imagination and style. The interior of the restaurant has vogue furniture lined in three columns in one part of the restaurant. Another section has the bar and a long bar table in the centre below a big meteorite art piece. At the end of the dining hall you can see Audrey Hepburn smiling at you seductively.

ADHD restaurant Singapore

ADHD restaurant

Audrey Hepburn at ADHD Restaurant The South Beach

Dining with Audrey Hepburn at ADHD Restaurant Singapore

It is not just the interior that grabs your attention at ADHD. The menu and the food are just as inviting. Take the interesting selection of small sharing plates to start – there are truffled oxtail, beef cheek spring rolls and caramelised asparagus. The Local Flavours section of the menu is extensive and include items like lobster laksa, deep-fried pork knuckles, stir-fried lamb shank and cuttlefish in dough.

ADHD South Beach Singapore Hotel

We decided to start with prawn lollipops ($12). Fresh succulent prawns were tightly wrapped in crispy long strips of potatoes. They were delicious with or without the accompanying wasabi mayonnaise.

ADHD South Beach Hotel Singapore

All Day Hotel Dining at The South Beach

All Day Hotel Dining Restaurant at The South Beach

The Crispy Duckling Burgers ($20) sounded intriguing and we decided to find out what they were. Well the dish was like Peking duck – duck meat and other ingredients neatly wrapped in po piah skins and eaten with sweet bean sauce. It was nice but there are many other places where we can get better Peking duck if that is what we wanted.

For our other main course, we made the boring choice of having Nasi Goreng Kampong ($15). The Malay fried rice dish came nicely plated with satay and archar and topped with an egg. The ingredients and spices combined well to give a taste that was savoury and spicy with a touch of smoke. The humble local dish was an enjoyable and satisfying one.

Nasi Goreng at ADHD restaurant

Dessert at ADHD restaurant

The best part of our meal was the recommended dessert – The Signature Chocolate Sphere ($12). An enticing chocolate sphere was plated over a square chocolate sponge cake. Nuts, hazelnut praline and marshmallows were revealed when hot salted caramel sauce was dripped onto the sphere melting it. We shall let the photos tell the rest of story of the delightful dessert and just say it was just as good on the palate as on the eye.

Dessert at ADHD restaurant The South Beach

Great Food at ADHD restaurant The South Beach

We had an interesting and satisfying lunch at ADHD. The service was friendly and  professional. We like the fact that they asked if we wanted iced water or warm water instead of  “still or sparkling”.  We think their prices are very reasonable. The quality of the food and overall dining experience at ADHD Restaurant was very good.

ADHD Restaurant at The South Beach is a restaurant that has a mixture of a relaxed and elegant, casual and refined, intimate and friendly atmosphere. The menu has a range of local and international cuisine to cater for every mood & fancy. It may be a great place for the first date. There are so many conversation starters at ADHD that awkward silence can surely be avoided – it is just that your date may be too distracted to pay any attention to you.

Oh, what does ADHD at The South Beach stand for – the rather prosaic All Day Hotel Dining!

ADHD Restaurant Singapore South Beach

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs  5 Tops

ADHD Restaurant
The South Beach
30 Beach Road
Singapore 189763

Tel : +65 6818 1888

Opening Hours
Buffet Breakfast: 6:30am to 10:30am (Weekdays); 6:30am to 11:00am (Weekends)
Lunch & Dinner: 12:00pm to 11:00pm

Nearby Stations : Esplanade, City Hall.


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