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The hot chick at Paddy Hills Cafe is quite ugly

Paddy Hills - 17

The real beauty at the Paddy Hills cafe is something else.  We will show you the two hotties in a minute after we introduce the cafe.   Paddy Hills is located in a corner unit in a row of shophouses along South Buona Vista Road, near the junction with Pasir Panjang Road.  It is near Haw Par Villa and NUS. As a sign of its popularity, the Paddy Hills cafe was almost at full capacity throughout our brunch there on a Saturday morning.  A remarkable achievement considering that it is not in the most convenient location.

Paddy Hills - 18

There are different menus for daytime and night-time dining. Here are sections from their menus.

Paddy Hills - 3

Paddy Hills - 1

Ok I will now show you the hot chick at Paddy Hills.  I warn you first she has dry leathery skin, no personality to speak of at all except for a fiery temper and smells of rotten seafood.  Here she is.

Paddy Hills q - 1

Paddy Hills - 6

This is the hot chick of Paddy Hills.  Quite ugly right? This dish costs $15 and is the prawn paste deep fried chicken with a hot chilli dip.  This version of ‘har chion kai’ has crispy skin and a mild smell and taste of prawn paste. It would have been quite ordinary if not for the chilli paste which is quite similar to that served with chicken rice but hotter. The chilli made this ugly chick taste good.

Now we show you the real beauty at Paddy Hills. She does not refer to herself as a chick  but is a hottie in her own right. Here she is.

Paddy Hills - 9

Paddy Hills - 8

You can compare this real beauty with the ‘hot chick’ in the background. The berry ricotta hotcake ($20) is a sight for sore eyes. It is a thick kind of pancake with lots of berries, nuts and flowers on top. To be honest the hotcake tastes just like a piece of sponge cake with the colourful fruit toppings. But we are shallow people and the beauty of this dish made us happy just by its looks.

We have one more dish to show you.  The squid ink pasta ($26) was a daily special that was not on the menu. It does look very good. The people at Paddy Hills really know how to plate their food. There was enough squid ink in this pasta dish to make its presence felt but there was no deeper seafood flavour to the dish which would have made it even better. It is a messy dish to tackle and gives you black lips and teeth. Not the most appropriate on a first date.

Paddy Hills - 12

Overall, Paddy Hills cafe is a pleasant restaurant in the West Coast side of Singapore. Compared to the East, this part of Singapore does not have such a vibrant dining scene. Places like Paddy Hills which set up dining options near residential neighbourhoods are always welcome.

Paddy Hills - 15


Paddy Hills - 14

Speaking of chicks, here is a song by the original hot chick. Still hot after all these years!

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPS
3 Tops


Paddy Hills Cafe
38 South Buona Vista Rd

Tel: 6479 0800

Paddy Hills Facebook

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2 thoughts on “The hot chick at Paddy Hills Cafe is quite ugly”

  1. Paddy hills opened with much hype n promise but disappointed with its original menu. Too many burger style offers at high end prices in a quiet neighborhood. Well looks like their menu has been tweaked with some Asian influences. Is the pricing right? Perhaps it’s time for a return visit. Thanks TOP!!

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