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Masizzim Singapore, new Korean restaurant at 313 Somerset that deserves checking out


Masizzim Singapore’s new restaurant at the 313 Somerset mall along Orchard Road is another sign that Korean culture is really alive and well in Singapore. Have you noticed the increased popularity of Korean cars and movie and pop stars recently? Now Korean food is the next frontier. It seems a week hardly goes by without a new Korean restaurant opening up. Last week we just ate at Andong Zzimdak and now we are at another new restaurant, Masizzim Singapore.


The name of the restaurant Masizzim was apparently formed using the  Korean words ‘masi’ (delicious) and ‘jjim’ (stew). You can therefore guess that the main attraction here are their stews. This was also the case in the other restaurant Andong Zzimdak, but the main difference is that the stews at Masizzim Singapore are also served in individual portions and are not meant to be ‘the meal’ for two or more people in itself. There are also more varieties of food. Here are some pages from their menu.





We ordered a beef rib stew ($18). The stew comes with steamed rice but for an additional $6, you can ‘upgrade’ that to the rice balls which normally costs $8. You can select the spiciness level of beef stew. We selected the soy sauce version which was totally non-spicy. The flavour was good. The portion was quite big. Together with the rice, this would be more than adequate for one person.


The rice balls come in two flavours – tuna and anchovy. We selected the tuna. The rice balls were not served in balls. Instead, the components were served in a bowl. A bit of art and craft was needed to form the rice and tuna into balls. Fortunately we had a pottery expert in our dining party and she formed them into perfect balls. Here are the sequential pictures of the rice balls.







We also tried some other items. The squid and leek pancake ($14) was very good. There were lots of squid content and the seafood and leek tastes combined very well.


The steamed egg ($6) is a simple looking dish but was thoroughly enjoyable.



To wash all that yummy Korean food down we had the honey Yuja tea ($5 each) and a Chum Churum Soju ($19).  All the beverages were good.



Overall, we enjoyed the food and drinks at the Masizzim Singapore Korean restaurant. The setting of the restaurant was pleasant. There are large TV screens playing continuous K pop music videos. That added to the Korean atmosphere of the place although the sound level was a bit to high for our liking.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops

Masizzim Singapore
313 Somerset #B3-02
313 Orchard Rd Singapore 238895

Tel: +65 6509 5808

Opening Hours: Sun to Thu: 11am-10pm (Last order: 9.30pm) Fri to Sat: 11am-11pm (Last order: 10.30pm)

Nearby Stations : Somerset

Masizzim Singapore Facebook

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