Cafe and Bar Gavroche, a pretty little French cafe on Tras Street, Singapore

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Visiting the Cafe and Bar Gavroche on Tras Street is like stepping into a Parisian cafe. From the marble-topped tables, cafe chairs, the paraphernalia on the well-stocked bar, wall mirrors,  the attention to detail did not go unnoticed. In fact one of the dining rooms is decorated to look like an antique French kitchen. One section of the cafe was even paved with ‘cobblestones’ presumably to simulate the effect of dining at a roadside cafe in Paris.

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Before we proceed further here is a French song to maximise the Parisian mood while you continue reading this post. This video shows the English translation of the lyrics which are quite delightful. Je ne veux pas travailler! Does it resonate with you?

Cafe and Bar Gavroche is the younger sibling of the  Gavroche Brasserie which is located nearby just on the other side of Tras Street. The cafe serves casual forms of food. The menu is quite straightforward – the items are mainly of the genre of sandwiches and all day breakfast.  Eggs, cheese and bread feature prominently in the menu.  Here is their brunch menu.

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We tried a couple of items, the Oeufs Cocotte (baked egg casserole with mushroom and bacon) ($17) and Oeufs Benedict (poached eggs on brioche, bacon and hollandaise sauce) ($22).

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The baked egg casserole was a small casserole containing runny baked eggs surrounded by strips of bread.

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The eggs Benedict was not different from the usual form of this popular dish. It should be said that the sausages and potatoes were well prepared and had nice tastes.

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Overall, we thought that the food at this Paris cafe in Singapore was good but not exceptional. To us, the main attraction of dining at Cafe and Bar Gavroche was the ambience and the atmosphere of the cafe which was very well done.

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Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Café & Bar Gavroche
69 Tras Street
Singapore 079008

Tel: +65 6225 4869



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