Forgot to bring our Rabbit’s Foot to Rabbit Carrot Gun

Rabbit Carrot Gun

Rabbit Carrot Gun is a charming little place situated in Katong. It occupies a corner shophouse at the junction of East Coast Road and Ceylon Road. It is a British cafe and a watering-hole and even provides bed and breakfast accommodation in refurbished suites.

We like the look and relaxed informal atmosphere of Rabbit Carrot Gun but had not visited the place for quite sometime because our last experience there was not great. After more than a year since our previous visit, we decided to have brunch at Rabbit Carrot Gun and quite enjoyed the food. However, we might have to bring a rabbit’s foot along for our next visit.

Rabbit Carrot Gun East Coast Road

Rabbit Carrot Gun East Coast Road

Rabbit Carrot Gun has a small indoor space which is air-conditioned. It has an old British pub kind of charm with a mix of wood furniture. Bright colourful paintings and interesting photographs adorn its wall. Old shophouse frames and grills were cleverly integrated into the interior decor.

Al fresco dining is available at the narrow corridors of the shophouse. The smart use of retractable awning extends the outdoor seating area. The highly visible awning is also a great marketing tool and helps create a relaxed resort-like ambience.

Rabbit Carrot Gun Katong

Rabbit Carrot Gun British Restaurant & Cafe

Rabbit Carrot Gun British Restaurant & Cafe

Rabbit Carrot Gun serves brunch and dinner offering mainly British fare, such as steaks, beef Wellington and sausages and mash, as well as quiche, soups and salads.

For brunch, we ordered the French Toast ($13), Scrambled Eggs with Toast ($9.90) and Scotch Egg ($10). Long black was $4.50 each.

Rabbit Carrot Gun Menu

Rabbit Carrot Gun Menu

Rabbit Carrot Gun British Restaurant & Cafe

Rabbit Carrot Gun Cafe

The eggs and French Toast were served after a wait of about 10 minutes. They came simply presented and were of the expected standard. The French Toast was served without maple syrup even though we had asked for the syrup when we made the order. We got the syrup after a second reminder to the staff.

We had almost finished the food served and there was still no sign of the Scotch Egg. We told a staff about it and he went to check. He came back to say that the Scotch Egg would be served in another 3 minutes or so. A few minutes passed and another staff came by to say the dish would take another 5 minutes. He was very pleasant and apologetic and we were quite happy to wait another 5 minutes. The Scotch Egg was eventually served some 20 minutes after the nice and rather good looking gentlemen came by to say “another 5 minutes”. By that time my face was as glum as that of the lady in the painting overlooking our table. Was the Scotch Egg worth the wait?

Rabbit Carrot Gun Cafe East Coast

Rabbit Carrot Gun Cafe Katong

Rabbit Carrot Gun’s Scotch Egg was a soft boiled egg encrusted in Cumberland sausages and breadcrumbs. It was served with salad and HP sauce. The soft boiled egg was a tad overcooked. The white was firm yet still custard like but the yolk was not runny. On the whole, the Scotch Egg was delectable. It had a crisp, golden brown outer layer. The pleasing crunch from the breadcrumb shell, the fragrance of the middle layer of the slightly juicy sausages and the fresh taste of egg combined to deliver a delicious treat.

Rabbit Carrot Gun Cafe East Coast

We like the atmosphere at Rabbit Carrot Gun and the food is quite good. The service is a bit of a hit and miss. Most of the staff members we encountered were very pleasant and courteous. However, Rabbit Carrot Gun is a busy place and the law of inverse courtesy (LIC) may be in play in the case of a few of the staff members  (see our post here if you are wondering what is LIC). It might be that our not so good experience with a few of the staff on 2 separate occasions, and the long wait for the Scotch Egg, were due to plain bad luck. Perhaps the next time we are going Rabbit Carrot Gun we should bring along a rabbit’s foot for luck.

RaBrunch at Rabbit Carrot Gun Cafe East Coast

Food: 3
Service: 2
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road
Singapore 428768

Tel : +65 6348 8568

Opening Hours :
9am – 4.30pm;  6pm – 9.45pm
Drinks & Beverages are served 8.30am to 10.30pm

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