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友吉飯店 Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road

Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road

Killiney Road is one of the well known food streets of Singapore. 友吉飯店 Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road is an interesting new addition to the food scene there. The specialty is Hainanese Chicken Rice but its menu also has a variety of other Hainanese inspired recipes. The pricing is reasonable.


友吉飯店 Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road

The humble local food store is rarely just that anymore. Many are now referred to as concept restaurants with the decor, menu and paraphernalia that are either quirky or vintage. 友吉飯店 Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road falls into the vintage genre. It has furniture, posters, old vinyl records and a host of other articles which you would find in antique shops in Singapore. If not for the very bright lighting, eating at Jew Kit could feel very much like eating in an old coffee shop in the 60s.

Jew Kit Restaurant Menu

Founded by Mr Teo Jew Kit, Jew Kit Group has several outlets in Singapore. They served a variety of food but is perhaps most well known for their Hainanese Chicken Rice. The menu of Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road offers the signature dish as well as a wide variety of one dish meal like beef hor fun, crispy noodle with seafood, Thai chicken chop and black pepper beef rice. Side dishes like bitter gourd salad and sweet potato with plum powder are also available.

Menu Jew Kit Restaurant

Jew Kit Restaurant in Killiney Road Noodles

We wanted a quick simple meal before dashing over to the Singtel office across the road. We ordered the Dumpling Noodle Soup ($5) and Jew Kit Special Chicken Wing Rice ($6). There was no service charge but GST was added to the bill.

We like the taste and texture of the noodles. The broth was flavourful and tasty. It would have been a great bowl of noodles if the dumpling or wanton was good too. Alas, the dumpling was quite ordinary.  The simple Chicken Wing Rice turned out to be a good choice. The rice itself was fragrant and savoury but not salty. The chicken wings were deep fried to give a crispy outer layer with the meat within retaining the right amount of tenderness and juiciness. They were not greasy and we found them really enjoyable.

Jew Kit Chicken Rice

On the whole, we think that Jew Kit Restaurant at Killiney Road is a very nice place to go to for a simple meal. The environment is clean and pleasant. The menu offers sufficient variety and prices are reasonable. In fact, it will probably be cheaper to eat at Jew Kit Restaurant than in one of the food courts in the malls of Orchard Road.

Jew Kit 友吉飯店

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops


友吉飯店 Jew Kit Restaurant
105 Killiney Road
Singapore 239546

Nearby Stations: Somerset


#Street Fact – Killiney Road is named after a seaside resort and suburb in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Road runs perpendicular to Killiney Road.

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