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Attractive set lunch deal at Milagro Spanish Restaurant, (Outlet closed)

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 18

We recently stumbled upon one of the best set lunch deals in Singapore at the Milagro Spanish Restaurant. The Orchard Central mall is a low profile mall along Orchard Road. With the renovations now going on at the Centrepoint, the underground link across the road is now temporarily not available, making the place more inaccessible. But once we got there, we found that the maze of corridors and lifts made Orchard Central more interesting to explore than the run-of-the mill-shopping centre on Orchard Road. It was here that we discovered this Spanish restaurant with a quite wonderful $19.90 (nett) set lunch.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 17

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 16

The initial impression of the Milagro Spanish Restaurant was a neutral one. It looks fine but not great. The layout was neat and simple but spartan, almost canteen like. Fortunately, the big windows on the 8th floor let in a lot of natural light and that helped make the restaurant more attractive. On a weekday, the place was quiet.  As there are not many Spanish restaurants in the Orchard Road area, we decided to investigate. Here is the lunch menu and some pages from the regular menu.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 4

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 1

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 2

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 3

As you can see, the Milagro Spanish Restaurant serves the usual Spanish restaurant type of food like tapas and paella. We both ordered the $19.90 two-course lunch. The restaurant has an efficient service system. The utensils are already placed on the table. There are service stations where water, bread and condiments are placed for use by patrons. With the patrons looking after themselves for the mundane tasks, the waiting staff only needs to tend to the real business of serving the dishes. Very efficient!

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 5

The starters that we selected were the pimentos de padron (grilled peppers) and black peppercorn soft-shelled crab. The grilled peppers looked wonderful and tasted very good as well. Grilled till they were blistered, the peppers had only a very mild level of spiciness. Served with an abundant coating of olive oil, they also go very well with the bread.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 8

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 9

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 11

The soft-shelled crabs were not bad but more ordinary. Deep fried till slightly crisp, they were served with a generous amount of a mayonnaise-like sauce. The crabs were good enough to be eaten with the slightest dip of the sauce.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 6

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 7

Next came the main courses. The pan-seared sea bass with sautéed mushrooms looked impressive. It was a large dish with a good-sized piece of fish fillet. The skin had been seasoned with herbs and seared till crisp. It was very good. Some sauce was provided but the fish was tasty on its own with the herbs and seasoning on  the skin.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 13

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 14

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 15

The other main course was stew of beef and asparagus with rice. This was the plainest looking dish of the day. Chunks of beef stewed with asparagus. Simple but a hearty dish.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant - 10

Overall, the set lunch meal at Milagro Spanish Restaurant exceeded our expectations. The setting of the restaurant was quite humble but the food served can rival those at more fancy, ‘high-end’ Spanish restaurants. The $19.90 was what we paid per person for lunch – no extra charges for GST, service or water. We applaud Milagro for the simple and transparent pricing method.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops

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Milagro Spanish Restaurant
#08-06/07, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Tel : +65 62386248

Opening Hours :
Mon-Fri: 12:00 pm-3:00 pm; 6:00 pm-10:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 12:00 pm-10:00 pm

Nearby Station : Somerset

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