S.S.S Wanton Noodles in Tanjong Katong (Closed)

SSS Wanton Noodles at Tanjong Katong

S.S.S Wanton Noodles (顺顺顺云吞面), which has a 24-hour shop in Geylang Road, has opened a new outlet along Tanjong Katong Road. Located just a few doors away from Eng’s Noodle House, S.S.S. Wanton Noodles in Tanjong Katong face stiff completion in the busy food strip.  Rather tasty noodles, reasonable pricing and more options on their menu, including a good range of desserts, help S.S.S Wanton Noodles keep up with the competition.

SSS Wanton Noodles at Tanjong Katong Menu

S.S.S wanton noodles come in the usual soup version and dry version. They also have fish ball noodles and even abalone noodles. The menu also has a variety of side dishes like otak otak, curry chicken and vegetables.

The price of the basic wanton noodles, dry or sour version, is $3.80. Currently, there is a promotion where you get a set of noodles with either a drink or dessert for $4.80. There is no GST or service charge or any other extras.

The service staff takes your order and the food will be served. You pay at the counter after the meal.

SSS Wanton Noodles at Tanjong Katong Menu

SSS Tanjong Katong

After our recent spate of excessive eating we had promised to go on a strict diet. We decided to have a very simple meal at S.S.S Wanton Noodles. To start off, we ordered a plate of green vegetables – the oyster sauce kai lan ($3.80). We also had the soup wanton noodles ($3.80) and a set of dry wanton noodles with green bean soup ($4.80).

The wait for the noodles was longer that we had expected. When the noodles arrived, we thought the looks were unremarkable. The char siew was not charred and rather pale looking. However, the soup was flavourful and the noodles had a nice texture with a firm bite. The wantons were rather small but there were quite a few of them in the bowl. The wanton skin was smooth and the filling had a slight crunchiness, which we guessed was from diced water chestnut. On the whole, the soup version of the wanton noodles was tasty and enjoyable.

SSS Wanton Noodles Tanjong Katong

S.S.S. Wanton Noodles at Tanjong Katong

For the dry version, there is a choice of sauce – chili sauce, black sauce, tomato ketchup or a combination. The black sauce is a house concoction of soy sauce with spices. We opted to try the chili-black sauce combination.

The dry wanton noodles were served with deep fried wantons with standard boiled wantons in a separate bowl of soup. The thin deep fried wantons were really crispy and not oily. They went well with the springy noodles. The chili-black sauce was nice, not too spicy. The dry version of S.S.S wanton noodles might not be good looking but it had personality. The variety of flavours and textures combine to offer an interesting and tasty dish.

Soon Soon Soon Wanton Noodles at Tanjong Katong

Soon Soon Soon Wanton

S.S.S Wanton Noodles 顺顺顺云吞面 is a nice addition to the food scene in Tanjong Katong. It provides a good alternative to Eng’s Wantan Mee, especially when not everyone in the family or group wants to eat just wonton noodles. S.S.S Wanton Noodles has a more extensive menu and their wanton noodles are quite good too. Will we head back to S.S.S Wanton Noodles when we want a simple meal? Yes, soon soon. What does “S.S.S” stand for? Soon Soon Soon.

Green Bean Soup at S.S.S.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOP 3 Tops

S.S.S Wanton Noodles 顺顺顺云吞面
273 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 389582

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