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Pies and Coffee Rochester Mall is probably the first eatery or shop that you will see when travelling by car to this low profile mall in Buona Vista. It is housed in a glass cube that is detached from the rest of the building.  This cube is right at the driveway that leads into the building. We stopped by to check it out.

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The glass cube structure provided for generous amounts of sunlight in to ensure that the entire interior space was well lit.  But three-quarters of the indoor space is taken up by the kitchen and service areas leaving room for about  eight small tables.   These tables are the most popular, although the tables outside are not too bad either as they are well-shaded and you do not get the smells from the kitchen. Pies and Coffee Rochester Mall serves many varieties of pies ranging from beef rendang pie to lamb shank pies.  There are also non-pie items.  Here is a section of their menu.

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We were only there for dessert and decided on their most recommended item, the carrot cake. The normal price of the cake was $7.30 but we were tempted by the two cake slices for $10 deal. Coffee  and cappuccino costs $4.50 and $5.80 respectively.

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The carrot cake was not bad but not the best that we have tried. The generous amount of walnuts lining the side was the best aspect of the cake. The coffee was good. The cafe was quite crowded when we were there. The main attraction, we think, is the laid back atmosphere of Pies and Coffee Rochester Mall and the friendly staff. Indeed, there is a sign to welcome patrons to bring their work and studies to the cafe.

Pies & Coffee Rochester Mal - 5

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs
3 Tops

Pies and Coffee 
Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive, #01-02
Singapore 138639


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