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Ginza Kuroson 銀座黒尊, a new Japanese restaurant in Ngee Ann City (Closed)

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 10

We had dinner recently at Ginza Kuroson (銀座黒尊), a new Japanese restaurant in Ngee Ann City.  With most of the Japanese restaurants located at the Takashimaya end of Ngee Ann City, we were glad that substantial new restaurants like Ginza Kuroson have set up at the other end that is closer to Wisma Atria and Kinokuniya. The vast and impressive counter catches our eyes as we entered the restaurant. The chefs who were at work behind looked like actors performing on a stage.  Which was a good thing as we like to be entertained with good food.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 3

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 8

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 9

Fresh seafood was on display at the counter. We like the fact that these items had their prices clearly marked so patrons do not get a shock when the bill arrives. Apart from the fresh seafood, there is also a comprehensive menu of the usual Japanese restaurant food items such as grilled fish and tempura items. Here are some pages from their menu.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 14

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 13

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 1

We started the meal with a platter of grilled Japanese sweet potatoes ($14). This item fell short of our expectations as the sweet potato was dry and bland. The taste was more like common sweet potatoes than the rich flavoured Japanese variety.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 2

We had a couple of grilled fish items. The first was a grilled maguro jaw ($22). The two triangular pieces on the plate certainly did not look like any recognisable part of fish. They were the pieces from the bottom of the jaw of a very large tuna. A surprisingly large amount of meat could be  found in these strange-looking objects.  We liked this dish.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 4

The other grilled fish item was grilled mackerel (saba). This modestly priced fish ($15) turned out to be very good. It was half a fish that was very well seasoned and coated with sesame seeds. Highly recommended.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 5


Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 6

Ginza Kuroson also has a selection of set dinner options. We tried the tempura gozen set ($35). The mixed tempura came with appetiser, salad, miso soup, and dessert. This was a decent gozen set and every item was reasonably good except for the dessert, which looked and tasted quite flat.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 7

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 11

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 12

Overall, we thought that the grilled fish items were very good and we will certainly focus on that on our next visit.  Another attraction for us at Ginza Kuroson was their extensive sake selection.  With absolutely no knowledge of the sake labels, we just tried two random choices from the 300ml selection (the second and third one on the list) – Kubota Senju ($20) and Fudo Tokubestu Junmai ($22).  We have to say that the latter was really good. Fresh and complex tasting. Perfect with oily grilled fish.

Ginza Kuroson Ngee Ann City - 15

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops

Ginza Kuroson
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City, #03-10,
391 Orchard Road

Tel: +65 6235 3785

Opening Hours:  11:00 – 2230 ( Last order 2130)

Nearby MRT Station : Somerset, Orchard

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