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Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen @ Lifelong Learning Institute (Closed)

Ninety-Nine Bistro & Kitchen

If you are heading to Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Paya Lebar you will be happy to know that a new bistro has opened there. If you have never heard of the Lifelong Learning Institute, it is the Continuing Education and Training campus (CET) by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), and it is quite a fascinating place. Reluctantly, we share with you a little known fact – inside the LLI at Paya Lebar, there is a beautiful public library which is currently under utilised. It is a lovely space to browse reading materials and books or just to relax and meditate.

Ninety Nine Paya Lebar

Lifelong Learning Institute

The Library at Lifelong Learning Institute

On the ground level of LLI, there is a new Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen. It is a casual dining cafe with plenty of food and drinks on display for take-away. There is a small dining hall with more dining space on a mezzanine loft. The decor is fairly simple and functional – not unattractive but fairly typical of a contemporary cafe.

Nine Ninety Nine Cafe at Lifelong Learning Institute

Ninety Nine Bistro Paya Lebar

Ninety-Nine Bistro at LLI

Indian Food at Ninety Nine Paya Lebar

They have cafeteria style counters. You go up to the counters to order. There are two sections – one for Western food and the other for nasi padang. They offer affordable set meals.

It is interesting to find that they sell non-alcoholic wine or dealcoholized wine – which is supposed to be wine prepared with the alcoholic content removed just before bottling.

Ninety-Nine Bistro Paya Lebar

Ninety Nine Paya Lebar Menu

Ninety Nine Menu

Ninety Nine Bistro Menu

There is a Nasi Padang Set which starts from $4.50. A Western set starts from $8.90 which includes fruit juice. You get a choice of mains like chicken, beef and fish plus vegetables and pasta.

We ordered a Nasi Padang Set with beef rendang, sayur lodeh and egg ($5.50), a 3 course Western set lunch ($8.90) and Roti John ($6).  A mug of house blend coffee was $1.60.

Ninety-Nine Bistro Nasi Padang

Ninety-Nine Bistro Nasi Padang

The nasi padang was of good quality. The beef rendang was tender and tasty. The curry gravy they put over the rice was also delicious.

The roti John looked quite attractive but the taste was ordinary.

Ninety Nine Bistro

Ninety Nine Bistro Paya Lebar

The Western Set allows you to choose a main and 2 side items. We opted for the chicken, pasta and vegetables. The set came with soup and either coffee or tea. The set meal did not look very nice but it was quite an enjoyable meal. The chicken was tender and quite delicious.

Ninety Nine Lifelong Learning Institute

Ninety Nine Bistro at Lifelong Learning Institute is not a place for gourmet dining. It is essentially a cafeteria where you go to when you need to eat. It serves that function well by offering decent set meals at affordable prices. There are many other food options at the nearby Paya Lebar Square. However, even in the food court of Paya Lebar Square it may be hard to find a better value proposition than what is offered at the bistro at Lifelong Learning Institute. Further, between the nasi padang in the food court and the nasi padang at Ninety Nine Bistro we would choose Ninety Nine Bistro any day.

Nasi Padang

They have recently introduced bamboo biryani which is attracting those who are looking for interesting subjects for social media stories.

bamboo biryani

Ninety-Nine Bistro at Lifelong Learning Institute

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops

Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen
11 Eunos Road 8 #01-02
Singapore 408601

Nearby Station : Paya Lebar

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2 thoughts on “Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen @ Lifelong Learning Institute (Closed)”

  1. Just to share with readers, the library caters to lifelong learning.
    there are some business books , not a full or updated range, there are some
    human resource books.
    it does not have children’s section.
    magazines are also limited , in the range that compliments the needs of
    people who visit the lifelong learning inst or those seeking employment via
    the gov employment agency on the ground floor.

    for music or video, one should go to NLB branch at the esplanade.

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