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L’Entrecôte, a Parisian bistro on Duxton Hill

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 16

We decided on the L’Entrecôte Steak and Fries Bistro for dinner after we did a walkabout of restaurant browsing at Duxton Hill.  In this small area of Singapore, there are Italian, French, Japanese and many other different kinds of restaurants. On a Saturday night, we were surprised to find this popular district to be rather quiet. Perhaps a reflection of the state of the broader economy, most of the restaurants looked less than half full. Even the usually crowded Craig’s Place multi-storey carpark had many empty lots.  The busiest restaurant appeared to be Mexican restaurant, Lucha Loca which was packed.  They must be doing something right.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 1

L’Entrecôte is a Parisian bistro that occupies two adjoining shop units.  The main unit looked very attractive with white table cloths and classic French bistro kind of look. That was what attracted us to the restaurant. But we were in for some disappointment. Most of the seating were lined up in a long row along the wall.  There were only a few small tables which were sandwiched between those already taken. The tables were very, very close together such that the small tables served as ‘spacers’.  We were prepared to head somewhere else as participating in the conversations of those to the right and left of us did not seem appealing.  We were shown to their next door unit, called the L’Entrecôte Annex.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 2

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 3

The Annex is a more casual version of L’Entrecôte. it is pleasant but not as attractive as the main bistro.  We accepted their offer to dine there as there was more space and peace and quiet. The Annex has its own menu but you can also order from the menu from the Bistro.  There were only three choices of main courses.  The regular Entrecôte steak ($32.90 for 190g), an upsized version ($39.90 for 300g) or the wagyu steak ($49.90).  What was more interesting were the starters and desserts which offer more variety. Here are pictures from the menu.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 5

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 6

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 4

We tried the foie gras terrine ($21).  It looked very bland but tasted much better than it looks. The foie gras was quite mild in taste but very smooth.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 8

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 11

Dining at a restaurant named L’Entrecôte which serves only steak for main course, we naturally had high expectations of the steak. We ordered the upsized 300g version for sharing.  It is served with a side of salad with walnuts.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 10


L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 13

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 14

The steak looked good enough but we found the taste to be quite ordinary.  There was nothing bad about the steak and the sauce but the taste was not exceptional.  We were somewhat disappointed as we did have high expectations.  The 300g steak was more than enough for two.   We would still want to visit L’Entrecôte, not so much for the steak but to try the starters and desserts as they look like the more interesting items to eat here.

L’Entrecôte Duxton Singapore - 15


Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

3 Tops



L’Entrecôte The Steak and Fries Bistro and The Annex

36, 37 Duxton Hill | Singapore 089614
T: 6690 7561

Please refer to webpage for operating hours

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