The Prettiest Dishes in Singapore Restaurants 2015

Les Amis

We are superficial people; we are easily impressed by pretty things. These gorgeous dishes had us star struck. As the Force awakens, we share our list of the prettiest dishes we have seen in 2015.

Prettiest Dishes

Honey Miso Broiled Japanese Black Cod at Spago.

Aura Restaurant National Gallery

Burrata Salad at Aura, National Gallery Singapore.

Dessert at ADHD restaurant The South Beach

Signature Chocolate Sphere at ADHD Restaurant, The South Beach.

5th Quarter Restaurant Dessert

Hibiscus Cherry & Creme Fraiche at  5th Quarter, Vagabond Hotel.

Summer Rabbit Salad

The Summer Rabbit Salad at Rabbit Hole, One Raffles.

Prettiest Dishes in Singapore Restaurants

The Big Stack Breakfast at Bake House by Carpenter & Cook, Alexandra Central.


Foie Gras at Balzac Brassiere, Fort Canning.

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Seared Scallops at Bread Street Kitchen, Marina Bay Sands.


Soup with Stuffed Pepper at Kaiserhaus, Capitol Piazza.



Dessert and even the coffee look gorgeous at Mitzo, Grand Park Orchard Hotel.

Open Farm Community

Roasted Baby Chicken with Braised Leeks at Open Farm Community, Dempsey Hill.

La Strada

Grilled Squid stuffed with Sausage at La Strada, Shaw Centre.

Les Amis

Poulet Fermier, free range French Chicken, at Les Amis, Shaw Centre.

Squid ink Risotto Monochrome

Monochrome Squid Ink Risotto at Monochrome, Chinatown.

Paddy Hills - 9

Berry Ricotta Hotcake at Paddy Hills, South Buona Vista.


Cacao Royal at Flor Patisserie, Duxton Hill.

Yan Restaurant Dim Sum

Dim Sum Platter at Yan, National Gallery Singapore.


Chef’s Assorted Platter at Joie, Orchard Central.

Vatos Urban Tacos Restaurant South Beach Quarter

Babacoa Pork Tacos at Vatos Urban Tacos, South Beach Quarter.

Royal China-25

Avocado Puree and Ice-cream in Young Coconut at Royal China, Raffles Hotel.

Ginza Lion-17

 Asari white wine butter clams at  Ginza Lion Beer Hall, Suntec City.

Rollie Olie

Caterpillar Roll at Rollie Olie, Star Vista.

Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Fu at Ampang Niang Tou Fu,  Katong.

It seems that research has confirmed what we suspected all along – food would taste better when they look good. Researchers tested the same meals presented differently to diners in a fine restaurant, and the food was rated as better tasting when arranged in a creative pattern. Diners rated identical dishes higher on flavour when the food had visually appealing, contemporary plating relative to a tidy but traditional one. “The attractiveness of the presentation actually increased how much people liked the taste of the food,” said researcher Debra Zellner, professor of psychology at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Looks like we are not that shallow afterall, or we are not the only ones who are superficial.  We are only human. We look forward to more pretty dishes from our restaurants in Singapore.

Speaking of being human,  we dedicate these two videos to our readers. They should appeal to both young and old as long as they are only human. Thanks for reading our blog!

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