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Keika Ramen @ Westgate Mall

Keika Ramen Westgate - 1

We came across Keika Ramen during our visit to Westgate recently. It is not a new shop, but more like a new product line from the same people operating Osaka Ohsho which specialises in gyoza. Keika Ramen shares the large space that Osaka Ohsho occupies on the third floor of Westgate. In our earlier visit, we had concluded that we should stick with the gyoza at this shop and eat our ramen elsewhere (read our review here). We were curious as to whether the emergence of  Keika Ramen would make us change our opinion. There was only one way to find out.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 9

Keika Ramen Westgate - 8

The decor of the Keika Ramen side of the restaurant had been modified slightly to differentiate it from the Osaka Ohsho side. The wood panels are darker and there are posters and publicity materials about the ramen from Kyushu and its founder – a fetching lady named Ms Satsuki Hisatomi.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 4

Here are pictures of portions of the well-worn menu at Keika Ramen.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 3

Keika Ramen Westgate Singapore - 1

We ordered a Cha Shu Maze Soba ($9.90) and a Volcano Pork Shabu Set ($16.90).   The Cha Shu soba was very plain. The soup was also simple and pale, with very light flavours.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 7

The Volcano Pork Shabu set was a bowl of noodles that came with a side dish of gyoza and a drink. The noodles came with a generous topping of sliced pork. The whole thing look rather pale.  It was only when we tasted the soup that we discovered why this is called “volcano”. It was spicy! Not quite fiery like a volcano but a nice kind of spicy, a bit like laksa soup but less complex.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 5

There was a choice of dumplings and we selected the deep-fried ones. These were well made and rather good.

Keika Ramen Westgate - 6

It looks like our earlier conclusion was still valid. The noodles at Keika Ramen were not bad, but in the highly competitive environment of Westgate where there are so many Japanese food options, we will certainly stick to the gyoza here at Osaka Ohsho / Keika Ramen. Alternatively, should we intend to try the ramen here again, we should go for the stronger flavoured soup varieties.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Keika Ramen
3 Gateway Drive #03-09
Singapore 608532

Tel: +65 6465 9383

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