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Ipoh Claypot Rice from Holland Village

Nice Claypot Rice - 1

We decided to try the Ipoh claypot rice with kampong chicken and Chinese sausages from Holland Village restaurant Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant recently.  This is a restaurant that is famous for their Ipoh hor fun items and we had written about that in an earlier post. We like to buy take away food from them as they are conveniently located and they accept orders on the telephone so we do not need to wait when we get there. Claypot rice in a plastic box does not sound right, which explains why we have never ordered this type of item before. Now that we are in a new year, we thought we should try something different and give it a try.

For our future reference and that of our readers, there are pictures of the Yee Cheong Yuen menu below. We could not find their menu online.

Nice Claypot Rice - 3

I am pleased to inform you that the claypot rice from Holland Village was very good. The chunks of chicken were flavourful. There were various other ingredients in the rice with shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger and Chinese sausages being the main ones. All of them had infused their flavours into the rice. The taste of the rice was complex and fragrant.  Black soy sauce to spread over the rice was packed separately so we could tune the level of soy that we preferred. Which was a good thing as we only used a bit of the sauce, choosing to savour the natural taste of the rice with the other condiments already added. The claypot rice with kampong chicken and sausages costs $13.80. The portion was quite big. More than enough for one person.

Nice Claypot Rice - 4

Nice Claypot Rice - 6

Our other item that we ordered was a more routine item – Ipoh hor fun with char siew ($4.80).  We have described their hor fun in our earlier post. This was good smooth hor fun, as usual.

Nice Claypot Rice - 7

The restaurant is also giving out $5 vouchers with purchases. It can be used with any future purchase of $12 or more. With a voucher we had from an earlier purchase, our total purchases was reduced by $5. Not bad.

Here are pictures of the menu.

Menu Claypot Rice Holland Village

Nice Claypot Rice - 9

Nice Claypot Rice - 10

Nice Claypot Rice - 12

Claypot Rice Holland Village


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: NA
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs
4 tops


Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant @ Holland Village
31 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277742

Tel : 6468 7737

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